Monday 23rd of May 2022
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Iranian Hajj Mission Holds Int'l Conference on 'Status of Muslim Woman' in Medina

Iranian Hajj Mission Holds Int'l Conference on 'Status of Muslim Woman' in Medina

-- An international conference entitled 'Status of Muslim Woman' was held in the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia Saturday morning.

Addressing the conference, which was attended by a number of prominent woman experts from Islamic countries, Iran's Hajj Chief Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi-Reyshahri described Muslim women as defenders of Islamic values against perverted culture of the West.


"Muslim women should be actively involved in social, economic and political scenes," he said, adding that society must provide women with security so as to pave the way for them to step in.


After his speech, women from different Muslim countries delivered speeches on the role of women in an Islamic society. 

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