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Top Sunni scholar: 'Appearance of Takfiri phenomenon due to denial of emulation'

Top Sunni scholar: 'Appearance of Takfiri phenomenon due to denial of emulation'

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA) - Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of the Iranian southeastern Province of Chabahar, attended the 'World Congress on Takfiri extremist movements' said: The phenomenon of Takfir is formed due to greed for power, lust and wealth which creates these empty ideas in these peoples' minds.

Maulana Abdul Rahman Mollazahi in "International Congress of Extremist and Takfiri Movements in View of Muslim Scholars" said: We appreciate the invaluable speeches of the previous speakers since the beginning of the Congress. Muslim scholars should closely investigate the reasons and motives of this evil phenomenon which has caused huge problems for the world. There are some points to mention:

The phenomenon of Takfir is the bitter fruit of the denial of emulation. Thus the revival of the notion of emulation from a Mujtahidd (A'lim) can gradually root the extremist and non-religious and inhumane out.

Takfir is the bitter fruit of the greed for authority, lust and wealth which creates these empty, false ideas in people's minds. The U.S and England are constantly trying, by various methods, to destroy Foundations of Muslim society and divide the nation into pieces.

He said the US and England have undermined principles of Islamic unity and are in pursuit of disintegrating Islamic territories.

One of the reasons is inattention of many followers of Islam to the purposes of defence and fight, and also to the falsification of Jihad and fight with polytheists. In respect to Muharam (lunar month) which is nearly over, we have learned this lesson from Imam Hussain (A) that Islam is the religion of freedom and extremism has no place in it.

In Islam there is no such ideology as Takfiri. Islam is the religion of kindness and Prophet Mohammed of kindness and unity. Issuing Fatwa has principles and not everyone can issue Fatwa.Only one who has studied for long and has learned from great scholars and has tried to preserve the eminence of the sources of emulation.

He called Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a blessing for the whole world and that Muslims have to move based on the guidelines of their holy prophet.

Sunni Friday prayer leader of Chabahar also stressed," We (Sunni Muslims) move based on our fiq'h principles and none of the Sunni clerics agree with Takfiri fatwas.

He also hailed the political leadership of the Supreme Leader and stressed the rejection of the fatwas issued by Takfiri groups.


source : www.abna.ir
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