Tuesday 11th of August 2020

The Influence of Abdullah Azzam’s Jihadist Ideology on the Spread of Al-Qaedah Violence

The Influence of Abdullah Azzam’s Jihadist Ideology on the Spread of Al-Qaedah Violence

Author: Mohammad Taher Rafi'i[1]


The members of Al-Qaedah are all Sunni Muslims who have an extremist and prejudiced take on Islam, with strong Anti-Shia feelings and Wahhabi and Salafi inclinations which, overall, have taken influence from various movements in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In their midst, Abdullah Azzam, a Jihadist leader of Egypt and Palestine who was active in Afghanistan during the latter's Jihad against the Soviet Union, is considered the most important and influential person in the formation of the ideology of Al-Qaedah leaders and members. Being possessed of eloquence and a good prose, he has had a great role in attracting great Jihadist forces from Islamic countries through writing tens of books and delivering speeches describing Jihad. These same forces later joined the Al-Qaedah. Discovering the role of Abdullah Azzam's Jihadist ideology in the spread of Al-Qaedah's violent actions is the main point being explored in this paper.

Keywords: Abdullah Azzam, Jihad, Al-Qaedah, Bin Laden

[1] Level 4 of Jameat al Mustafa, MA in Religious Studies from Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute


source : www.makhateraltakfir.com
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