Thursday 30th of June 2022
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Umayyad from the viewpoint of Abu Hanifa’s thought and deeds

Umayyad from the viewpoint of Abu Hanifa’s thought and deeds


Ali Akbar Sharifi



This study attempts to introduce diverse aspects of theoretical and practical policies of "Abu Hanifa" in connection with Umayyad through an analytical-descriptive method of research.

In regard to theoretical aspect, Abu Hanifa reckons Umayyad dynasty caliphate to be from an unlawful institute and Muăwiyah (its very first caliph and founder) as rebellious and unjust.

From practical view, everything, from rebellion against Umayyad to Abu Hanifa sincerity and optimism to Islam Ahl-Ul-Bayt and his remarks on this family virtue as well as his good behavior toward Alawiyyah, all are considered anti-Umayyad policy of Imam Abu Hanifa.

At the end and in consideration for other reasons and factors, Abu Hanifa's Shia attitudes and thoughts in relation to Imammah and Caliphate as a fundamental and motivating reason for his anti-Umayyad and Alawiyyah-friendly actions will be analyzed.

Keywords: Umayyads, Caliphate, Muăwiyah, Abu Hanifa, Ahl-Ul-Bayt, Alawiyyah


source : www.makhateraltakfir.com
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