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Danger of Takfiri movements and strategies to counter them from the viewpoint of the Supreme leader

Danger of Takfiri movements and strategies to counter them from the viewpoint of the Supreme leader


Alireza Daneshyar (Ph.D student in Islamic Revolution Studies from Qom faculty of Theology and researcher in Al-Mustafa International Research Center (Political Studies and Islamic Revolution) and a graduated from Qom seminary



This study diagnoses dangers of Takfiri movements in three fields of believes, morality and conduct from viewpoint of the supreme leader and then it examines strategies to overcome the damages done by takfiri movements from viewpoint of the supreme leader. This study proves that, in the filed of believes, takfiri movements have an imperfect and primitive perception of Tawhid, Shirkand any other religious concepts. In the filed of morality, the very important character of this movement is "ignorance", unawareness and sort of inner mischief which leads to being far from the truth and brings impiety and causes falling to corruption and blackguardism. In the field of conduct and from individual aspect, the most important character of takfiri movements can be known as something like seeking sedition, violence, corruption, terror and eventually criminal and bloodshed. Considering social conduct aspect, the main character of takfiri movement is to bring disunity amongst the Muslim, to devastate civilization and culture and to strengthen Islam enemies.

Accordingly, in this study the strategies to overcome these problems and Takfiri movement damages, has been proposed within intellectual-cultural and political fields. To counter takfiri movements in intellectual-cultural field, Islamic nation should reinforce unity and amity amongst Islamic religions, agree with mutual issues of Shia and Sunni, avoid any disunity and any factor that multiplies it, Islamic nation also should refer to Holy Qur'an and perceive Quranic strategies precisely to prevent disunity and make Islamic world unified. Amongst politic strategies is to strengthen the Muslim's Convergence and unity and the necessity to recognize the enemy and then excommunicate it. Thus; takfiri movements can be uprooted by applying convergent and compatible strategies in two fields of culture and politic.

Keywords: Diagnosing Danger Of, Takfiri Movements, Believes, Morality, Conduct, Strategies


source : www.makhateraltakfir.com
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