Monday 23rd of May 2022
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Love of Lady Fatima (SA) towards the Holy Quran:

Love of Lady Fatima (SA) towards the Holy Quran:
Imam Baqir (AS) narrates that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent Hazrat Salman to his daughter Lady Fatima's (SA) house. Hazrat Salman says that I stopped at the door step to pay my regards, when I heard that her Ladyship is reciting the Holy Quran inside the house, and the hand mill is spinning in the courtyard, and there was no being nearby. At the end of the narration it has been stated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) upon hearing this tale from Hazrat Salman smiled and said: 'O Salman Allah (SWT) has filled the heart of my daughter Fatima with his Iman, since she allowed herself the time to worship her Lord, Allah Almighty also sent an angel, Gabriel according to certain narrations, to work the hand mill and Allah Almighty has sufficed her problems in this world and the hereafter.
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