Thursday 26th of May 2022
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Quranic Activities Best Tools to Achieve Unity

Quranic Activities Best Tools to Achieve Unity

"Hajj season is a golden opportunity for the Islamic world to prepare the ground for unity and mutual understanding among Muslims and Quranic activities are truly the most effective tools to attain such important objectives," Mohammad-Hassan Saeedian said at a press conference on Tuesday in the venue of Iran's Hajj Mission in Medina, Saudi Arabia.



Pointing to the fact that some extremists in the Muslim world try to portray Iran and Shia Islam separate from the Quran, he said it is necessary to organize Quranic gatherings during the Hajj season in order to foil such attempts and demonstrate Iran's Quranic capabilities to Muslims.



"leader of the Islamic Revolution has repeatedly stressed that Quranic activities during the Hajj must take precedence over other cultural programs," said Saeedian, adding that reciting the Quran with beautiful voice by Iranian reciters among Muslims from other countries in sacred sites of Saudi Arabia can draw attentions to Iran and Shia Islam.


Every year a group of Iranian Quran reciters are sent to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season to perform Quranic activities among Iranian and foreign pilgrims at the Prophet Mosque in Medina or the Grand Mosque of Mecca, as part of the Iranian Hajj Mission's cultural plans.




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