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Imam Sadjad (a.s)’s advice on Human Rights

Imam Sadjad (a.s)’s advice on Human Rights

Al-Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein (a.S) gave a lengthy advice on human rights. This today appears in a book form and is called RISALAH AL-HUQUQ (Or a treatise on rights). In this book, the Imam (a.s) describes examples of 51 different rights.

Here are a few of these rights:

* May Allah have mercy on you - know that Allah has rights against you. These rights surround you in all your movements, in your rest, in all your body parts and every thing that you use. Some of these rights are big others are small.

* The greatest right which is on you is from Allah Himself and this is the root of all other rights....

The greatest right of Allah on you is to worship Him without associating anything with Him. If you do that with purity of heart, He promises to give you sufficiently what you need here and in the next world...

* The rights of your teacher on you are: You should look at him with honor, listen to him with full attention, sit facing him with respect and do not raise your voice in his presence. If someone asks him a question, you should not reply it but let the teacher do it. Do not speak to any one or talk bad things about others in front of him.

You should hide his faults and speak of his good qualities. Keep away from his enemies and do not make enemies with his friends. If you do all these, angels will be your witness that you did what you were required to do and that you obtained knowledge from him for the pleasure of Allah only.

* The rights of your mother are: she carried you where no one carries anyone else; she fed you the fruit of her heart which no one gives to anyone else; she protected you with all parts of her body. She did not care if she remained hungry as long as you were fed; if she was thirsty as long as you drank; if she was naked as long you had clothes on, if she was in the sun so long as you were in shade. She lost her sleep for you; she protected you from cold and heat so that you should live. You will never be able to thank her unless if Allah helps you....

* The right of your neighbor is that you should guard him (His belongings) when he is absent, respect him when he is present and help him when he is wronged. Do not do any shameful act to him. If you know of any bad things about him keep that secret. If you know he will accept your advice then give it to him. Do not leave him alone when he is in trouble. Help him out of his troubles, forgive him if he has wronged you and treat him generously.


source : www.tebyan.net
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