Wednesday 25th of May 2022
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Medina Extends Advanced Hajj Services

Medina Extends Advanced Hajj Services
– In implementation of the directive and follow-up of Prince Abdulaziz Bin Majed, the Emir of Medina Region, who is also Chairman of the Hajj Committee in Medina, the Governorate of Medina Region has executed an advanced plan to provide best services and facilities to pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet’s Mosque to enable them to perform their rituals easily and comfortably. Prince Abdulaziz chaired a meeting of the Committee here on Monday evening. A report issued by the Committee said that it has implemented the Program of Partnership Management for three years, which will conclude with the end of this year’s Hajj season. Under this program, the report said 32 cameras have been installed at the city’s Miqat Mosque to monitor crowded areas in addition to the launch of the Electronic Guidance Project which involves the installation of 200 electronic information points equipped with maps and addresses of hotels and housing units for pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet’s Mosque. As many as 477,667 pilgrims have so far arrived in Medina, an increase of five percent in comparison with the number last year; 228,590 pilgrims have left Medina, an increase of 19 percent; and 249,077 pilgrims remain in the Prophet’s city, the Secretariat of Medina’s Hajj Committee announced in a report Tuesday. The Committee added that 8,380 pilgrims were provided health care at hospitals and health care centers in Medina on Monday. Source: Saudi Gazette Reproduction of this article is permitted provided reference is made to the source
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