Tuesday 24th of May 2022
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New Quran Center Opened in Bingol, Turkey

-- A new Quran education center was inaugurated Sunday in the Turkish town of Solhan, Bingol Province.

Financed by the Governor of Bingol Province, the center was opened during a ceremony attended by Governor Irfan Balkanlıoglu and a number of religious and local authorities aw well as the representative of Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs.


"The noble Quran is an effective cure for human's soul and a Quran center can provide this cure for those who are in search of peace of mind," said Balkanlıoglu at the ceremony.


Addressing the opening, Solhan Mufti Sacit Ekerim expressed hope that the center can afford a good opportunity for the youth to religiously elevate themselves through valuable services it provides.


All the attendees were given a copy of the Holy Quran at the end of the ceremony.





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