Saturday 8th of August 2020

'I'd go tomorrow': Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary wants to leave UK and move to war torn Middle East

'I'd go tomorrow': Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary wants to leave UK and move to war torn Middle East

Notorious Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary claims he wants to leave Britain for good - and move to the Islamic State, writes Patrick Hill in the Sunday People.

Benefits dad Choudary, who revealed his kids are being privately educated, claims he'd jump at the chance to go and live under Sharia Law in Syria or Iraq.

"I'd go tomorrow. I'd love to bring my children up there," he told us - just days before last night's successful pounding by US-led coalition aircraft of the flashpoint Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria.

But the British citizen, who promises the move would be permanent, would first have to give up the State aid he gets towards his brood's upkeep.

He is on bail after being arrested with eight others last month on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being a ‌member of a proscribed organisation, or supporting a proscribed organisation.

The trained lawyer, whose passport was seized, has always denied inciting or glorifying acts of terrorism. We spoke to him at his terraced home in East London, one of 19 raided by cops.

And in a series of deluded claims he explained why he would leave Britain and move to Islamic State.

The bearded mullah told us: "Everybody gets about $500 a month free of charge, no questions asked. Iraq and Syria can afford it as they have oil.

"You're given free food, clothing and shelter. You get a free house and electricity, gas and water. You also get income support."

Choudary, who was brought up in Britain to Pakistani parents, added: "I mean you don't even get housing free of charge here. It's a much better society there. Alcohol, gambling, pornography and drugs, are completely eradicated."

Choudary, who condemned US ‌airstrikes against Isis before his arrest, went on: "A huge number of people from Britain want to go over there."

Asked by our investigators if HE feels British, he replied: "What is Britishness? Eating fish and chips? Standing in a queue? Singing God save the Queen?

"If that is Britishness then no, I'm not British. I have no affiliation to the ‌monarchy or the laws of this land.

"If you're born in a barn it doesn't make you a horse. A British passport is just a common document. It's like a bus ticket to me.

"I don't affiliate with things like ‌democracy and freedom. My set of values and principles arise from Islam."

Married Choudary, meanwhile, said he was unsure if he would be allowed to leave even if his passport is returned.

It comes as Isis fighters in heavily-contested Kobani were hit by a fierce barrage of coalition shells.

Kurdish troops were said to be in ‌effective control, with one commander claiming: "On every street are the ‌corpses of Isis fighters. Isis is finished."


source : www.abna.ir
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