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A Syrian Encounters Fatima

A Syrian Encounters Fatima

Historians record that a Syrian looked at Fatima daughter of ‘Ali (‘a)38 then asked Yazid to give her to him to serve him. This daughter of the Commander of the Faithful (‘a) was terrified; she clung to her sister Zainab and said, "Serve him?! How could I do that?!" Zainab said to her, "Do not be concerned; this shall never happen at all." Hearing her, Yazid said, "It could if I would!" She said to him, "Not unless you renege from our religion."

He answered her by saying, "Those who reneged from the religion are your father and your brother." Zainab said, "By Allah's religion and the religion of my grandfather do I swear that it was through my father and brother that you and your father received guidance, had you been a Muslim at all."

He said to her, "You lie, you enemy of Allah!" She, peace be upon her, toned down her language and said to him, "You are an Amir over the destiny of people; you oppressively taunt and subdue others."39 The same Syrian repeated his plea to Yazid who now rebuked him and said, "May Allah grant you a fate that will put an end to you!"40


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