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Abu Sufiyan’s conspiracies against Islam

Abu Sufiyan’s conspiracies against Islam

Here we provide only a brief account of one of the many conspiracies that Abu Sufiyan committed against Islam:

After the demise of the Holy Prophet (S), the people paid allegiance to Abu Bakr. Solely because he intended to create sedition in the Muslim community [ummah], Abu Sufiyan said, "I surely foresee disturbances and civil disorders which will not be extinguished save by Allah. O Children of ‘Abd al-Manaf! How can Abu Bakr become your leader?

How can he be the one who holds responsibility over your affairs? Where are those two oppressed people who have been sidelined and made inferior?" (He meant Imam ‘Ali (as) and ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib) Then he turned to Imam ‘Ali (as) and said, "Give me your hand so that I may swear allegiance to you. I swear upon Allah!

If you wish, I will fill the battleground with horsemen and footmen willing to fight for you!" However, Imam ‘Ali (as) withheld his hand and said,

والله ما أردت بهذا الاّ الفتنة، وانّك والله طالب بغيت للاسلام شرّاً، لا حاجة لنا في نصحك.

"I swear upon Allah! You intend nothing but sedition. I swear upon Allah! For a long time now, you have been looking for an opportunity to make mischief and deliberately cause trouble for Islam. We are not in need of your help and advice."13


13. Ibn al-Athir, Al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh, vol 2, p. 11, events that occurred in the eleventh year after the Holy Prophet's (s) migration to Medina.


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