Sunday 22nd of May 2022
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Seminar on Qadir Planned in Ethiopia

Seminar on Qadir Planned in Ethiopia

The Iranian center has invited a number of intellectuals and scientific and religious figures of the country to participate and present speeches at the program.

"Investigation of historical documents on Qadir ", "status of Qadir in Sunni sources" and "the status of Qadir in Shia sources" will be the themes of papers to be presented in the seminar.

Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim, leader of Qadiriyya School of thought in Ethiopia will present a poem on the event of Qadir.

The honorary guest of the seminar will be Haj Kamel Sharif, researcher and history expert and head of Abadar Islamic School.

Iranian ambassador to Ethiopia will also participate in the program and present a speech on the importance of Qadir.

According to the latest 2007 national census, Islam is the second-most widely practiced religion in Ethiopia after Christianity, with over 25 million (or 34%) of Ethiopians adhering to Islam.

Qadir is a historical event which happened in the year 632 A.D.

Shortly before his demise, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) undertook a farewell pilgrimage. It has been recorded by numerous historians that on their return journey, he commanded all the Muslims to gather in a place called Qadir Khum so that he may deliver a crucial sermon. Then the prophet declared Imam Ali's (AS) guardianship as his own. He said: Whoever I am the master of; this Ali is the master of.


source : www.abna.ir
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