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A Supplication Said By Imam Zain Al-Abdeen on The Day Of Arafat

A Supplication Said By Imam Zain Al-Abdeen on The Day Of Arafat

The followings are some quotations from the famous supplication made by Imam Zain Al-Abdeen (a.s.) on the day of Arafat:

"Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds,
Praise be to You. 0 Creator of the heavens wad the earth,
Possessor of Glory and Honor.

Lord that is worshipped of lords, the Creator of every creature wad the heir to everything,
There is nothing like Him. The knowledge of nothing is hidden from Him. He surrounds everything and keeps watch over all things,
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the One, the Single, the Unique.
You are Allah, there as no god but You, the Gracious, the Bountiful the Glorious, the Honorable, the Great, the Embed.
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the High, the Exalted, the Master of mighty punishment.
You are Allah, there is no god but You, All-Compassionate, All-Merciful, All-Knowing, All-Wise.
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the Hearing, the Seeing, the Eternal, All-Cognizant.
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the Respected, the Most Honorab4, the Everlasting, the Most Eternal.
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the First before every unit and the Last after every number.

You are Allah, there is no god but You, Sublime in His Nearness and the High us His Sublimity,
You are Allah, there is no god but You, the Possessor of oil Goodness, Glory and Majesty wad worthy of all praise.
You are Allah, there is no god but You Who did create things without origin, did shape whatever You did shape without any model and did invent the things invented without following any example.
It is You Who did measure everything by proper measure, did make everything easy as it deserved and did manage everything, beside Yourself; as it required to be managed,
It is You Whom no participant helped in creating nor any assistant assisted in Your affairs and neither was there any resemblance with You nor peer.
It is You Who did resolve wad whatever You did resolve was firm. You did decree and whatever You did decree was just. You did command, and whatever You did command was equitable,
It is You Whom space does not contain. No sovereign ever rose to dispute Your Sovereignty, neither did way argument or explanation ever defeat You,
It is You Who have exhaustively counted all things, have fixed a duration for everything and have measured everything with a proper measure,
It is You Whose Divine Essence imagination fails to reach. Reason fails to judge Your quality wad eyes never perceived Your whereabouts,

It .s You Who can not be defined for then You would have been finite, You were never comparable for then You would have been perceptible. You never did beget for then, You would have been (a dung) begotten.

It is You Who have no opposite that may contend with You. You have no equal that may prevail over You and no peer that may vie with You,

It is You Who did originate, invent, create, bring into being and did make handsomely whatever You did make.

Holiness is Yours. How sublime is Your dignity. How High among places is Your place. What a manifestation of truth is Your Discernment.

Holiness is Yours, 0 Gracious One, how Gracious You are. 0 Kind One, how Kind You are. 0 Wise One, how Knowing You are. Holiness is Yours, 0 Monarch how Powerful You are. 0 Bountiful, how Liberal You are, 0 Glorious, how Embed You are - the possessor of all Beauty, Greatness, Majesty and Praise.

Holiness is Yours. You have stretched forth Your Hand for benevolence. Guidance is obtained from You. Therefore whoever besought You for any mailer sacred or secular obtained Your Hearing.

Holiness is Yours. Whoever existed in Your Knowledge, bowed himself to You. Whatever was beneath Your Throne humbled itself before Your Glory. All Your creatures submitted themselves to Your obedience.

Holiness is Yours, You are not received, nor searched, nor touched, nor brought near, nor removed, nor distanced, nor disputed with, nor oppressed, nor fought with, nor imposed upon, nor deceived,

Holiness be to You. Your path is straight wad Your Command is righteous. You are Living wad Wantless,

Holiness as Yours Your Word is Wisdom. Your Decree is inevitable and Your Resolution decisive,

Holiness be to You. There is none to reject Your Will, none to alter Your Words,

Holiness be to You. 0 Possessor of manifest signs, Creator of the heavens and life.

Praise be to You, a praise as lasting as Your existence,
Praise be to You, a praise as enduring as Your Blessings,
Praise be to You, a praise to match Your Workmanship,
Praise be to You, a praise that would increase Your Satisfaction,
Praise be to You, a praise that would compete with the praise of every praiser, a gratitude that would surpass the gratitude of every thanks giver,
A praise that would become none but You, wherewith none is approached but You,
A praise which may secure the continuance of former (blessings) and whereby permanence of the future (rewards) may be requested. A praise that would go on multiplying with the continuation of time and would go on increasing by successive additions.
A praise which the keepers of accounts would fail to count wad which would exceed the record kept by the writers in Your Book A praise that would suit Your Supreme Throne, and would become Your exalted Footstool,
A praise whose reward from You would be perfect and whose recompense would submerge every other recompense.
A praise whose outward form would accord with its inward spirit wad whose inward substance would harmonize with the sincerity of the motive underlying it.
A praise with the life of which no creature ever praised You wad whose excellence is known to none other besides You. Such a praise that he who endeavors to count it would be helped and he who tries his best to reckon it exhaustively would be assisted.
A praise that would comprise whatever You have created of praise and would string together what You will create afterwards, A praise nearer to Your Word than any other praise, and no praiser greater than him who praises You with it,
A praise the abundance of which would entitle the praiser to further reward from Your Bounty and to which You would add incrementally from Your Liberality.
A praise that would become the Honor of Your Countenance and suit the Glory of Your Majesty.
O Lord bless Muhammad wad the descendants of Muhammad, the elect, the chosen, the honored who enjoy Your Nearness, with the most excellent of Your Blessings. Confer on him the most perfect of Your Favors. Favor him with the most auspicious of Your Mercies, On this day, allot me a portion by which I may achieve a share of Your Approbation.

Do not turn me away without that bounty which such of Your servants as worship You return (laden),

Verily, though I have not sent beforehand the good deeds sent in advance by them, nevertheless, I have advanced Your Unity wad denied opponents, equals and anything as similar to You, I have come to You through the gates through which You did command to come. (I) have approached You with that without which none can approach You,

Moreover, I have reinforced dais with repentance to You, abasement and humility in Your Presence, and with a good opinion of You and reliance on what is nigh You. I have coupled this with hope from You which whoever entertained was hardly ever disappointed. I pray to You like one contemptible, disgraceful, poor, needy, timid and seeking refuge. Moreover, (I pray) fearfully, humbly, craving protection wad imploring shelter, neither inflated with the pride of the haughty, nor elated, with the conceit of the obedient, nor arrogant on account of the mediation of intercessors.

After all, I am the smallest of the small the most insignificant of the despicable and like an atom or even inferior to it. Therefore, 0 You Who do not hasten the workers of evil to punishment, nor do withhold Your Blessings from those brought up in comfort,

0 You Who favor the erring with pardon, indulge the guilty by allowing them time (to mend).

I am an evil-doer, I admit, and (also) a sinner and a strayer, I am he who tried to go against You presumptuously,
I am he who disobeyed You deliberately,
I am the one who concealed (my faults) from Your creatures and committed them in Your Sight,
I am he who feared Your creatures and felt secure from You, I am he who did not fear Your Power and did not dread Your Wrath,
I am the transgressor against my own soul I am the one pledged to my penalties,
I am the possessor of little modesty.
And enduring distress.
For the sake of him whom You have chosen from Your creation, for him whom You have elected for Yourself, For the sake of him whom You have selected from among Your creature and whom You have taken by preference for Your mission, For the sake of him whose obedience You have linked to Your own: (for the sake of) him, disobedience to whom You count as disobedience to You.

For the sake of him whose love You have placed nigh to Your own; (for) him whose enmity, You have fastened to Your own, Protect me in this day of my life, as You do protect him who cries to You expressing abhorrence of his sins and who seeks shelter by asking Your Pardon repentantly.

Deal with me as You deal with those who obey You, those nigh to You and those of rank at Your Sight, Make me intuitively return to Your Pardon, the sweetness of Your Mercy, Your Comfort, Your Consolation and the garden of Your Blessings,

With Your boundless wealth, let me relish that taste of freedom from care (that I may employ myself) in what You love wad exert myself in that which would bring me closer wad nearer to You,

Grant me one of Your presents,

Let my commerce be profitable and my return be without loss,
Make me fear Your position wad be eager to meet You,
Let my repentance be sincere and acceptable, by which You may leave no sin (unforgiven), neither small nor great wad by which You may remove every blemish, evident or hidden,
Remove from my breast the grudge against true believers,
Make my heart tender to the meek;
Be to me as You are to the righteous, Adorn me with the ornament of the god-fearing,

Do not let me be a supporter of tyrants, nor their helper and an accessory in nullifying Your Book;

Encompass me in a manner I may not know, with an enclosure wherein to protect me, Open for me the gates of Your repentance wad Your Mercy and Your Grace and Your ample Sustenance. Surely I am one of those who beg of You,

Accomplish for me Your Reward, surely, You are the best giver of reward, Make the rest of my Life (to be spent) in performing the Hajj (pilgrimage) and the umrah to achieve Your Approbation, O Lord of the worlds,

May Allah bless Muhammad and his holy infallible descendents wad peace be on him and them forever and ever.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


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