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Imam Baqir(AS)'s Brief Sayings

Imam Baqir(AS)'s Brief Sayings

1. To lie is from the desolation and depravity of faith.

2. The faithful does not become coward, greedy and miser.

3. God is the friend of modest, tolerant and forbearing person.

4. The scholar whose existence is fruitful and useful his worth is more than seventy thousand silly, witless ascetics (worshipers).

5. God does not like the scurrilous.

6. Avoid languidness (extenuation) because it is the key to every indecency and ruins and spoils the religion and the world (worldly affairs) of man.

7. Whosoever commits excesses over the servants of God, will not be from our Shias.

8. Avoid envying and being jealous of each other keep away from selfishness (egotism), do not adopt cruelty, be vigilant and watchful about your prayers, be the friend of oppressed ones.

9. Whoever tries to perform the errands and works of the Muslims and eases their difficulties is like the Muslim martyr who might have martyred in the battle of Bader and Uhud.


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