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To Every Husband and Wife

To Every Husband and Wife

1.The reality of marriage

It must be taken into consideration that marriage in fact is the intermarriage of the souls, not just the bodies.

From this it becomes known that the spiritual intermarriage needs a special kind of maturity, and not attaining the stage of spiritual majority and maturity in this connection might be a cause of the relapsing of the marital life even when committed to some of the external indications of the Shariah, because the conventional religious commitment may not inevitably accompany the stage of majority and awareness of the details of marital life.

And the books that deal with the Tradition have devoted large sections to discussing the value of ! the mind, which is the resource for majority and maturity, in man's nearness to Allah and even his success in this world and the hereafter.

2.Eternity of the marital life

It must be firmly believed that for the believer, the marital life does not end by the ending of the lifetime, rather, the righteous woman joins the husband with her children (if they are righteous too) in Paradise and that is according to Allah's saying:

{Gardens of Eden which they shall enter; and those who were righteous of their fathers and their wives, and their seed}, and also:{Those who believed, and their seed followed them in belief, we shall join their seed with them}.

This sense of continuity, even eternity of the marital life with its prerequisites, generously allots to the marital life a bond that does not break with the progression of time and years.

3.Allah's blessing to the marital life

One of the most important factors in the spiritual attraction between the couple-in addition to their endeavour to bring about reasons for that attraction-is Allah's blessing to their relationship.

That is why Allah attributes the composing of the differences to Himself when both of the couple have the desire to set things right, as in His saying:

{And if they desire to set things right, Allah will compose their differences}.

For this reason, the practical straightness in daily life-inside the marital house and outside it-necessitates Allah's mercy upon them with what it entails of intimacy and stability of the marital life.


source : www.tebyan.net
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