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1 - So often a person is greedy for one of the affairs of this world which
he had gained and this caused his wretchedness and trouble , and so often a
person dislikes an affair of the affairs of the Hereafter that he has
attained , however , this caused his happiness .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 166)


2 - I admonish you of five things : If were oppressed , don't oppress ; if
others were treacherous to you , don't be treacherous ( to others ) ; if
were disclaimed , don't get angry ; if were praised , don't get happy ;
and if were reproached , don't be impatient .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 162)


3 - Take the good speech from whoever said it even if his practice was not
accordingly .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 170)


4 - Nothing is mixed with another better than meekness with knowledge .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 172)


5 - The utmost perfection is understanding in religion , patience in
affliction , and moderation in life's spenditure .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 172)


6 - Three are of the good traits of this world and the hereafter :
forgiving the one who oppressed you , having relations with the one who
interrupted their relations with you , and having forebearance when behaved
ignorantly with you .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 173)


7 - God dislikes people's insisting in requisting from each other ,
however , he likes insisting in requisting from himself .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 173)


8 - A scholar whose knowledge can be benefitted from is better than
seventy thousand worshippers .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 173)


9 - A slave ( of God ) is not knowledgable unless is not jelous from his
superiors and is not humuliating to his subordinates .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 173)


10 - Whoever has good intention , his sustenance is increased .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 175)


11 - Whoever has good - treatment with his family , his life - time is
increased .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 175)


12 - Refrain from laziness and restlessness because these two are the key
to all evils ; whoever is lazy doesn't fulfil the rights and whoever is
restless is impatient with the truth . - Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya , Al -
torath .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 175)


13 - Relations with relatives , purify the deeds , increase the wealths ,
keep away calamities , ease the reckoning of the hereafter , and delay
death .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 71 , P . 111)


14 - Tell the people the best thing you like to be told .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 65 , P . 152)


15 - God favours his believer slave with afflictions as the traveller sends
the gift for his family ; and he ( God ) protects him from this world as the
doctor protects the patient .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 180)


16 - Have piety , assiduity , truthfulness and paying trusts to whoever
trusted you ( for that ) no matter if that person is good or bad .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 179)


17 - Back - biting is to tell regarding your brother something which God
has covered and consealed , and calumny is to accuse your brother of a fault
which he doesn't have .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 178)


18 - God hates the scurrilous that has no dignity .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 176)


19 - Humbleness is to accept to set in a place below one's status , to
greet ( say salam to ) everybody you meet , and to leave dispute and
argumenting even it were right .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 176)


20 - Best worship is chastity of the stomach and private parts .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 176)


21 - God's exactness in reckoning his slaves in the day of judgement is
according to the mind he bestowed upon them in this world .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 7 , P . 267)


22 - The one of you who teaches knowledge to others has ( before the
Exalted God ) the same reward as the learner , and even more .
(Al - kafi , Vol . 1 , P . 35)


23 - Whoever seeks knowledge for vaunting the scholars , argumenting the
fool or attracting people's attention towards him should receive fire where
( he is ) seated .
(Behar Al - anwar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 2 , P . 38)


24 - The Exalted Glorious God likes the joker among the group , not using
indecent words .
(Al - kafi , Vol . 2 , P . 663)


25 - There are three traits which their owner doesn't die until see their
bad result : oppression , renouncing relatives , and false swearing which
is combat against God .


O my masters! O the sons (descendants) of the the Messenger of Allah!
I am your servant, the son of your bondwoman, I yield to you in submission,
I stand in awe of the sublimeness of your authority, I am fully aware of your rights,
I have come to you, seeking refuge with you, moving towards your holy resting place;
I apply to your consideration, and through you seek the divine notice and favour.
May I enter O my masters? May I enter O the dearest friends of Allah?
May I enter O the attentive Angels of Allah, quartered in this place of pilgrimage?
(2) While entering [put the right foot forward] recite:
Allah is the Greatest in His absolute greatness. All praise (in surpassing
abundance) be to Allah. Glory be to Allah in the morning and evening.
Praise be to Allah, the eternally besought, the Majestic, the Single, the Generous, the Bestower of
bounties, the Benefactor, the Compassionate, who did a favour and made easy for me the
"Ziyaarat" of my masters, out of compassion and kindness, and did not stop me from their
"Ziyaarat', but helped and blessed.
(3) It is highly desirable to recite "Ziyaarat Jaami-a'h Kabeer" and "Ziyaarat Ameenallaah", in addition to the following:
Peace be on you, O Guides who show the Right Path! Peace be on you,
O the embodiments of piety! Peace be on you, O the manifestations of true
evidence for the mankind! Peace be on you, O those who remained among
the people to establish justice and fairplay! Peace be on you,
O the personifications of purity! Peace be on you, O descendants of the Messenger
of Allah. Peace be on you, O those who are fully aware of the secret communications!
I bear witness that, verily, you explained the truth and gave sincere advice,
exercised self-control in the way of Allah,
(whenever) people contradicted you and took liberties with you, and had forgiven them.
I bear witness that, verily, you are the rightly guided Guides who show the right path;
verily, it is obligatory to obey you; verily, that which you had said is true.
verily, you invited the people, but they did not pay attention; you gave instructions,
but they did not obey; verily, you are the mainstay of the religion, you maintain the earth,
do not let it depart from Allah's original model, Allah preserved you in the pure
loins, from the beginning to the end, He transferred you from one chaste womb to another,
did not let the dirt of ignorance (even) touch you, did not let the disorder of vain
desires come near you to stir up trouble, purified you [excelled you in knowledge] and thoroughly
cleansed your substance [rendered your source qualified and effective to the highest degree of
perfection], and through you made it possible for us to obtain recompense
on the "day of requital", so, with Allah's consent (all of) you are privileged to glorify
and praise [make known the true meaning of] His attributes, and the blessings we invoke for
you (Salawaat), in fact, becomes a mercy for ourselves. and an atonement of our sins,
because Allah has chosen you for us, refined our nature and manners
through that which He, as a favour, has provided us-our love for you; by knowing you, we, before Allah,
are considered exalted, we are included among those who "profess the true faith" because
we believe in your truthfulness This is the place where one, who has exceeded the bounds and has
done wrong, discovers his own sorry plight, and taking advantage, makes a clean confession and
hopes to obtain salvation, and finally is saved from the danger through you,
and thus the condemned escape the total destruction, Therefore, you are my intercessors,
I have come to you, usually people run away from you, and laugh at the signs of Allah,
treat them with haughtiness.
O He who is Ever-Vigilant, never forgets one thing over another; (who is) Everlasting Eternal,
never passes away the time (free from space-time), surrounds and keeps under control
all things,  (all) bounties belong to Thee, through which, Thou prospers and
assists me, and made me know that (love of Ahlul Bayt) which binds me
securely with Thy bounties, whereas (some of) Thy servants turn aside, and ignore it due to lack of
knowledge, carelessly make light of its obligation, and turn to mediocrity instead of
making use of it (love of Ahlul Bayt); so, do a favour to me and include
me among the special group which stay closely attached with them (the Ahlul Bayt).
(All) praise be to Thou, because I am here, duly thought of and summoned up,
so, do not deny me that which I long for, do not let me fall short of that
for which Thou has invited me, in the name of the sanctity of Muhammad and his pure
descendants; blessings of Allah be on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad.

 Al - anw

Muhammad Ibn `Ali AL - Baqir




  THE Holy Imam Muhammad al - Baqir is the Fifth Apostolic Imam . His epithet was Abu Ja`far and he was populary titled " al - Baqir " . His mother was the daughter of Imam Hasan . Thus , he was the only Imam who was connected with Hadrat Fatimatu 'z - Zahra' , both from his paternal and maternal sides .Imam Muhammad al - Baqir was brought up in the holy lap of his grandfather Imam Husayn , for three years . For thirty - four years he was under the gracious patronage of his father , `Ali Zaynu 'l - `Abidin .
The Holy Imam was present in Karbala' at the time of the gruesome tragedy of the wholesale massacre of his grandfather Imam Husayn and his companions . He also suffered with his father and the ladies of the House of the Prophet ( Ahlu 'l - bayt ) the heartless captivity and imprisonment at the hands of the devilish forces at the command of Yazid ibn Mu`awiyah . After the tragedy of Karbala' , the Imam passed his time peacefully in Medina praying to Allah and guiding the people to the right path .The downfall of the Umayyads had begun since Yazid , the son of Mu`awiyah , had slaughtered Imam Husayn . Yazid himself had completely realized the evil consequences of his deeds even during the short period of his rule . His son Mu`awiyah , the second , refused to accept the caliphate saying : cannot favour such a throne which has been erected on the basis of oppression and tyranny .
Ibn Hajar al - Haytami , a famous scholar belonging to the Sunnite School says : " Imam Muhammad al - Baqir has disclosed the secrets of knowledge and wisdom and usfolded the principles of spiritual and religious guidance .
Nobody can deny his exalted character , his God - given knowledge , his divinely - gifted wisdom and his obligation and gratitude towards spreading of knowledge . He was a sacred and highly talented spiritual leader and and for this reason he was popularly titled `al - Baqir' which means 'the exponder of knowledge' . Kind of heart , spotless in character , sacred by soul and noble by nature , the Imam devoted all his time in submission to Allah ( and in advocating the teachings of the Holy Prophet and his descendants ) . It is beyond the power of a man to count the deep impression of knowledge and guidance left by the Imam on the hearts of the faithful .
His sayings in devotion and abstinence , in knowledge and wisdom , and in religious exercise and submission to Allah are so great in number that the volume of this book is quite insufficient to cover them all . " ( as -Sawai`qu 'l - muhriqah , p . 120 )The Holy Imam managed to collect the teachings and reforms of the Holy Prophet and his Ahlu 'l - bayt in the form of books . His pupils compiled books on different branches of science and arts under his instructions and guidance .
In the excellence of his personal purity and godly traits , the Holy Imam Muhammad al - Baqir was a model of the Holy Prophet and his great grandfather , Ali ibn Abi Talib . His admonitions created a spiritual sensation among the Muslims in general . He was not only hospitable even to his worst enemies but also used to continually exhort them to the right path .He urged people to earn their livelihood by their own hard work .The Holy Imam gave much importance to convening majalis ( meetings ) in commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn.Kumayt ibn Zayd al - Asadi ,one of the most famous and highly talented poets of that time , used to recite the elegy of Imam Husayn in those majalis . Such type of majalis were also greatly encouraged by Imam Ja`far as - Sadiq and Imam `Ali ar -Rida , the Sixth and the Eighth Imams .
Imam Muhammad al - Baqir continued his preaching peacefully till 114 AH . On the 7th Dhi 'l - hijjah when he was fifty - seven years old , Hisham ibn `Abdi 'l - Malik ibn Marwan , the then ruler , got him martyred through poison . The funeral prayers for this Holy Imam were conducted by his son Imam Ja`far as - Sadiq , the Six Imam , and his body was laid to rest in jannatu 'l - Baqi` in Medina .


Al-`Allamah at-Tabataba'i writes :


  Imam Muhammad ibn `Ali al - Baqir ( the word `baqir meaning he who cuts and dissects , a title given to him by the Prophet ) was the son of the Fourth Imam and was born in 57/675 . He was present at the event of Karbala' when he was four years old . After his father , through Divine Command and the decree of those who went before him , he became Imam . In the year 114/732 he died , according to some Shi`ite traditions , he was poisoned by Ibrahim ibn al - Walid ibn `Abdillah , the nephew of Hisham , the Umayyad caliph .
During the Imamate of the Fifth Imam , as a result of the injustice of the Umayyads , revolts and wars broke out in some corner of the Islamic world every day . Moreover , there were disputes within the Umayyad family itself which kept the caliphate busy and to a certain extent left the members of the Household of the Prophet alone . From the other side , the tragedy of Karbala' and the oppression suffered by the Household of the Prophet , of which the Fourth Imam was the most noteworthy embodiment , had attracted many Muslims to the Imam . These factors combined to make it possible for people and especially the Shi`ites to go in great numbers to Medina and to come into the presence of the Fifth Imam . Possibilities for disseminating the truth about Islam and the sciences of the Household of the Prophet ,which had never existed for the Imams before him , were presented by the Fifth Imam . The proof of this fact is the innumerable traditions recounted from the Fifth Imam and the large number of illustrious men of science and Shi`ite scholars who were trained by him in different Islamic sciences. These names are listed in books of biographies of famous men in Islam .( Shi`ite Islam )

ar , Dar Ehya Al - torath Al - arabi , Vol . 75 , P . 174)

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