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      Imam Ali bin Husayn Zayn ul A'abideen (A.S.),

Peace be on you, O depositories of Allah's knowledge! Peace be on you,
O commentators of "Wahi" (revealed words of Allah)! Peace be on you,
O rightly guided Guides unto the true way of life!
Peace be on you, O symbols of devotion to duty! Peace be on you,
O descendants of the Messenger of Allah!
I am aware of your true rights; look attentively at your refined disposition, full of joy, honour
and dignity, take leave and go far away from your enemies,
love dearly and keep company of your friends, with my father (I am) at your
disposal, and also my mother, blessings of Allah be on you. O my Allah,
I willingly submit (out of love and friendship) to all of them in unbroken succession,
just as Thou appointed the first of them the "Mawlaa", and I am free from the guilt
of taking shelter with any other save them, deny and curse "Jibt" and "taghoot"
"Laat" and "Uzzaa" Blessings of Allah be on you O my beloved Mawlaas!
Mercy of Allah be on you, and His blessings. Peace be on you, O pride of worshippers (of
Allah) (Zayn ul A'abideen), the founder of the family of the successors (Imaams).
Peace be on you, O (Baaqir), he who inherited, knew, and enlarged the
knowledge of the Prophets. Peace be on you, O (Saadiq) truthful, his words were true,
his deeds were good. O my Mawlaas! today is your day, Tuesday, in its hours I take refuge
with you, and seek your nearness, therefore receive me with open arms,
and let me be near you, in the name and for the sake of your belief in Allah,
and (belief) of your pure and pious family.


The Remained Son


  Imam Sajjad ( Ali ibn Husayn entitled Zayn al-abidin and Sajjad ) was the son of the third Imam , and his wife , the queen among women , the daughter of Yazdigird the king of Iran . He was the only son of Imam Husayn to survive ,for his other three brothers Ali Akbar , aged twenty-five , five year old Ja'far and Ali Asghar ( or Abdullah ) who was a suckling baby , were martyred during the event of Karbala . The Imam had also accompanied his father on the journey that terminated fatally in Karbala, but because of severe illness and the inability to carry arms or participate in fighting he was prevented from taking part in the holy war and being martyred . So he was sent with the womenfolk to Damascus . After spending a period in imprisonment he was sent with honor to Medina because Yazid wanted to conciliate public opinion . But for a second time , by the order of the Umayyad caliph , Abd al-Malik , he was chained and sent from Medina to Damascus and then again returned to Medina .


The Lonely Imam


  The fourth Imam , upon returning to Medina , retired from public life completely ,closed the door of his house to strangers and spent his time in worship . He was in contact only with the elite among the Shi'ites such as Abu Hamzah Thumali , Abu Khalid Kabuli and the like . The elite disseminated among the Shi'ah the religious sciences they learned from the Imam . In this way Shi'ism spread considerably and showed its effects during the imamate of the fifth Imam . Among the works of the fourth Imam is a book called Sahifah sajjadiyah .It consists of fifty-seven prayers concerning the most sublime Divine sciences and is known as 'The Psalm of the Household of the Prophet' .The fourth Imam died ( according to some Shi'ite traditions poisoned by Walid ibn Abd al-Malik through the instigation of the Umayyad caliph Hisham ) in 95/712 after thirty-five years of imamate.


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