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Ways to become popular

Ways to become popular

Imam Sadiq (AS) said: There are some special rewards for those who constantly remember Allah (SWT) in their hearts. Apart from attracting the attention of God and the reward of paradise, the Almighty will also make them popular with other people [1]. The Quranic views regarding the ways to become popular amongst believers are; to be a true believer and act on those beliefs and consequently Allah (SWT) will make these people popular with others.

Allah (SWT) will look after those who love God. The reason that God has prescribed prayers is that to make the human being popular with the Almighty. And if a person becomes popular with God, then some divine attributes will appear in that person and no other element can harm that person because all the creation are the forces of Allah (SWT). Ayahs 4 and 7 of Surah Al-Fat'h said: Allah (SWT) is the one who sends down serenity on believers' hearts in order that they add to their beliefs. God has the command of the armies of heaven and earth; God is all knowing, wise.

[1] Manla Yahzarahol Faqeeh, Vol.1, Chapter 30, Hadith Number 11.


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