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The Blind Cured

The Blind Cured

As to the two stories narrated by eminent scholars, the first one is the one recounted for this nondescript by our noble teacher the marhum Hadrath Hajj Shaykh Murtada Hairi, may Allah sanctify his spirit, in the course of a meeting with him in the Holy City of Mashhad during a journey of his which lasted from 12th of the blessed month of Ramadan to 3rd of Shawwal al-Mukarram in the year 1400 AH. (1979 AD).


He said: "Ayatollah Hajj Shaykh Aqa Buzurg Araki, is an old man, nearly ninety, and he is still alive. He is one of the outstanding scholars of Arak and elder brother of Ayatollah Hajj Shaykh Mujtaba Araki, who resides at Qum and is one of my intimate friends. There is no doubt about the truthfulness of any of these two brothers. Hajj Shaykh Aqa Buzurg recounted to me this story:

"During her youth my wife suffered from an acute eye pain. For a long time she was treated at Arak and Hamadan but without any result. The physicians had lost hopes of her recovery, and they declared that they were incapable of curing her. Day by day she was losing her sight and was on the verge of blindness.


"Her worried parents had heard that is someone was to stay in the holy city of Mashhad for the sake of ziyarah and to seek the fulfillment of some need his need would be granted. They took their daughter to the holy city of Mashhad and stayed there with the intent of a forty-day sojourn. In a state of acute helplessness, they pleaded continuously and humbly.


"Incidentally, not only there was no observable sign of any improvement in the girl's eyes, there was a gradual deterioration, so much so that they were unable to remain in the shrine and were forced to spend their days, at home. Just a few days remained for their forty-day sojourn to be over, and the parents were very worried and crestfallen. With regret and disappointment they said: "Alas! The forty days are over and without any result!".
imam reza

"In the last one or two days when they were busy packing up and preparing for their departure, suddenly there fell something from the roof resembling a small piece of plaster, or a bird's flopping, or something of the kind. The thought came into their heart that it is the medicine for their child. Immediately they grinded it and mixed it with water and applied it to her eyes which are cured completely as if there had been nothing wrong with them. Then they stayed on for several more days paying visits to the holy shrine for ziyarah taking along their daughter with them. Then they packed up and returned to Arak".


source : www.tebyan.net
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