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Celibacy is Condemned in Islam

Celibacy is Condemned in Islam

Reclusiveness, abstinence from women and the legitimate pleasures of life is the practice of the celibate monks. It was prevalent in the people of Prophet ‘Isa (as). But this is prohibited for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (S) the Last Prophet. Marriage, the Nikah, is a practice enjoined by the Prophet (S) on his people. It is termed as a Sunnamu'akkadah or a practice particularly to be adhered to by the people.
A monk, who practices celibacy, keeps away from good food, good raiment, women and company of people. Prophet ‘Isa (as)'s followers used to castrate themselves and go into the caves of the jungle to spend lonely lives there. They used to wear rough cloth and hated every comfort of life.

Celibacy Condemned
The Prophet of Islam (S) has said, The people of my Faith should keep away from celibacy and should opt for Jehad instead. Instead of castrating themselves, they should have recourse to fasting. He said that there is great reward for men mating with women, celibacy is taboo in Islam. When a man looks at his mate, two angels cover him with their wings as if he is making Jehad in the way of Allah. When the man is in the process of mating with his spouse, his sins will drop away the same way the leaves of trees drop in the season of fall. When the person takes a bath of cleanliness thereafter, his sins will be washed away.
Imam Ar-Ridha' (as) said, "The prophets (as) practiced three things-use of perfumes, clipping away excessive hair and mating with their spouses."
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) says that two genuflections (Rakaat) of prayer of a married person are better than seventy of the unmarried. One who opts for the Nikah (the ritual of marriage) would save half of his Faith. Then he added, "A person came to my revered father (as). He asked him,' Do you have a wife?' The person said, ‘No!' The Imam (as) told him,' I won't be happy with every comfort of life if I don't have the company of my spouse in the night!' Then he added,' Two genuflections of a married person is better than the parayer that an unmarried person offers the whole night and fasts every day!' Then he gave some Dirhams to the person to purchase the paraphernalia for his marriage and told him that Allah would enhance his livelihood if he married."
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) narrates that three women approached the Prophet (S) to complain about their husbands. One complained that her husband didn't eat meat, the second said her spouse disliked perfumes and the third said that her husband keeps away from her. The Prophet (S) was angry. He went to the Mosque and asked the people to gather. Then he said, "Listen to me! I eat meat, use perfumes and mate with my spouses! Nikah (the ritual of marriage) is my Sunna! One who refrains from my Sunna is not one with me! Marry that your livelihood increases! Two genuflections of a married person are better than the prayers of an unmarried person offered throughout the night!"


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