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The Praiseworthy Station and Intercession by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Praiseworthy Station and Intercession by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

According to Islamic traditions, the holy face of the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam shines on the roof of the Status of Intercession, which is the very Praiseworthy Station. He appears in the status and showers the light of his intercession on the Ummah.
In this respect, the holy Prophet (PBUH) has said: "When I stand on the Praiseworthy Station and intercede for some people of my Ummah, the Almighty God accepts my intercession..."‌

People Enjoying Power of Intercession

We may infer the following conclusions after pondering on the Qur'anic verses:

A group of people enjoying certain qualifications do intercede on the Day of Judgment.

· The precondition for intercession is divine permission.

· The intercessors must bear witness to the unity of God and servitude to Him (those that have knowingly borne witness to the truth).

· The intercessors must have a covenant of intercession with God (he who has made a covenant with the beneficent Allah).

· The request for intercession must not be accompanied with any remark that may cause God's anger. The phrase "and whose words are pleased by him"‌ may mean that the request for intercession must not be applied for the people who do not deserve it.

· The person for whom intercession is requested must be pleased by God (those who are acceptable).


source : www.tebyan.net
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