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Hazrat Ma’soomah (PBUH) and struggle against Bani Abbas

Hazrat Ma’soomah (PBUH) and struggle against Bani Abbas

Imam Reza (Peace Be Upon Him) had many sisters. Amongst them, Hazrat Ma'soomah (Peace Be Upon Her) treads a different path similar to the path pursued by Hazrat Zeinab (Peace Be Upon Her). At that juncture in history, Hazrat Ma'sumah was tasked with a mission similar to the mission accomplished by Hazrat Zeinab (Peace Be Upon Her) following the bloody event of Karbala. This is due to the fact that at that time, the tyranny and suppression of Bani Abbas had dominated everywhere and Hazrat Ma'soomah and her brother Ahmad bin Mousa (Peace Be Upon Him) and few other individuals were the only ones who were aware of the plot hatched by Bani Abbas and could foresee its consequences. For this reason, Hazrat Ma'soomah (Peace Be Upon Her) departed for Iran in order to disclose such an acts of treachery.

The Fatimiyat Tradition

The God-given power of intercession is a divine blessing, which the Almighty God bestows on those whose soul is ordained with celestial manifestation.
According to available traditions, the highest status of intercessors belongs to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam, i.e. (the Praiseworthy Station). The Prophet (PBUH) of Islam will appear in that status on the Day of Judgment and showers the light of intercession on the Ummah.


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