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The Benefits of Mu’anaqah or Embrace

The Benefits of Mu’anaqah or Embrace

Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) says, "When two Mu'mins embrace each other, the Allah's Blessing will be on them! When they embrace each other only to please Allah, without any worldly motives, the angels say, ‘all your sins have been pardoned! Repeat the act of embrasure!' When two Mu'mins start speaking, the angels responsible for recording the deeds of the people ask one other to stay away from them that perhaps they desire to exchange secrets and Allah wishes to keep them from others hearing!" The narrator asked: Do the angels not record these exchanges despite Allah observing, No person utters a word which our chroniclers don't record. (50:18)
The Imam (as) took a sigh and said: Allah has ordered the angels to keep away from them in reverence to their greatness. Although the angels don't hear their conversation Allah (Alam as sir wal khaffiyat) knows their acts and hears their talk!
Amir'ul-Mu'mineen ‘Ali (as) says, "A Mu'min moves amidst five lights (anwaar). In congregations (majalis) and matters of religion his entry and exit are both accompanied by light.His knowledge is light and his talk has an aura of light. On the Day of Judgement a Mu'min's glance towards the bounties of Allah too is accompanied with light."
It is evident from the traditions that the actions and the morals of a person are a reflection of his faith. Shunning the mandatory acts and perpetration of major sins ostracises a person from the faith. Sometimes a pious person is termed a Mu'min, sometimes a Shi'a and at others a wali. A person is called a Mu'min or Shi'a when his actions are upright.But one should not become proud and conceited learning about these traditions that define a Shi'a and Mu'min. One should understand that persons fitting the description of a Mu'min are hard to come by.
Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) says, "Allah has endowed a Mu'min with three traits: 1. Respect in the world. 2. Deliverance in the Hereafter. 3. Fear in the hearts of the tyrants."
Some companions of Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) approached him on a moonlit night. Impressed with the serene ambience, one of the companions told to the Imam (as), "How brilliant is the night with the moonlight and the stars. The attractiveness of the sky is enhancing with the passage of time." The Imam (as) said, "When you say this about the sky, Jibrael and Mekael are waxing eloquent praising the brightness of the earth and and the Mu'mineen living on it. Izrael and Israfeel too have a similar opinion about the earth."
The Prophet of Allah (S) has said that a Mu'min is so important in the consideration of the Almighty that the angels in the Heaven know him well. The Prophet (S) also added that a Mu'min sees with the light provided by Allah.
It is narrated from the Prophet of Allah (S) that a Mu'min should have the following qualities He should be calm and collected in times of accidents and calamities, in penury he should be patient and forbearing, he should be thankful and grateful in affluence, he should be contented with whatever Allah provides to him, he should not be harsh with his adversaries, he should not unjustly support his friends, he should be ready to bear hardship for the purpose of prayer and he should be considerate and caring of others. Knowledge is a friend and companion of a Mu'min. Patience and tolerance are the viziers of a Mu'min and fortitude the chief of his forces. Camaraderie and capability are a Mu'min's brothers and good behaviour and manners are like his father.

source : www.imamreza.net
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