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The People of the Hell

The People of the Hell

It is essential to believe that the Kuffar (the non-believers) would always live in the Hell. They will not have any respite from the Retribution! Barring the Shi'as the people of all other sects, who are wise and had been instructed on the Hujjat (the Right Path), continue with their prejudice, will ever live in the Hell. The ignorant women and persons with weak minds who cannot distinguish between the right and the wrong, but have the love for the Ahl-ul-Bayt in their hearts will receive the Pardon from Allah. The Shi'as who are eligible for the Intercession, although they have committed major sins, might be saved from the Hellfire by Allah. A person who refused to perform the mandatory practices viz: Salat (Prayers), fasting, Hajj, Zakat and denied the existence of the Heaven and the Hell is an infidel and will ever be in the Hell.

About the Hell
It is narrated from Abu Baseer that he inquired of Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as), "O son of the Prophet (S)! My heart has gone extremely callous! I request you to tell me about Allah's Retribution in the Hereafter!"
The Imam (as) said: The life in the Hereafter has no end! One day Jibrael came to the prophet (S) in a ghastly appearance. The Prophet (S) asked him, "O Jibrael! Why are you so morose today?" Jibrael replied: O Prophet of Allah (S)! Allah has ordered blowing of air on the Hell for a thousand years. As a result of that, the Hell turned white. Again a similar order was given and, as a consequence of a thousand years' blowing of air, the Hell turned red.
The order was repeated for a third time and, thereafter, Hell turned black. As a result of these operations, the juices of the sinners and the private parts of the adulterers emitted dirt that is called Dareeh. This dirt, boiled in the Hellfire, developed such foul smell that if a drop of it was put on the earth, the entire population thereon would perish. In the Hell there is a chain seventy yards in length that will be tied round the necks of the people of the Hell. If even one ring of the chain comes to the earth, it's heat would kill all the living beings on the surface.
The garments of the inmates of Hell will smell foul that even one dropping to the earth would cause the death of all its inhabitants!
After this, Jibrael and the Prophet (S) started crying grievously. At this moment an angel was sent by Allah. He said, "Allah sends his greetings to both of you and says that He will protect you from sins that attract Retribution." After this event, whenever Jibrael came to the Prophet (S), he was in a jovial and happy mood.
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) said: O Abu Baseer! The infidels and the hypocrites will learn of Allah's Retribution when they get consigned to the Hell. In great pain they will strive for a thousand years to climb up. Reaching the edge they will be hit by the angels with fiery maces on their heads. With these blows they will slide back to the bottom of the Hell. The skins of their bodies will fall apart with the heat. They will get new skins that will burn and fall apart. This torturous process will continue forever.
The Imam (as) said, "O Abu Baseer! Is what I have told you sufficient or you wish me to tell you more?"
Abu Baser said, "O Master! Please tell me no more! Hearing about the Retribution my heart is shivering!"

The Food of the Inmates of the Hell
Omro bin Tabit narrates that Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) said, "The inmates of the Hell will plead with the Hell like dogs and wolves to be spared of the Retribution! O Omro! What will be the condition of those who will never find any respite from the Retribution. They will be hungry, thirsty, blind, deaf and dumb and burning in the Hellfire! They will be repentant of the past sins. There won't be anyone to commiserate with them. They will get Hameem from the Hell to drink in place of water and will be given Zaqoom to eat. They will receive blows from fiery maces on their heads. Angry angels would tie them up harshly in chains and drag them, face down, through burning embers. Their prayers and supplications will not be heeded by anyone. They will pray for death to escape the Retribution, but death would elude them. After all this Retribution, they will have one more severe test in store for them.
The Imam (as) continued, "When Sadeed in Jahannam is brought to them for drinking, its heat would peel away the skin of their faces. As soon as they drink the Sadeed, their entrails would get shredded and get discharged through their anus. It will be like a rivulet of puss and blood. They will cry so much in pain that their tears would run like rivers. The tears would then dry and in their place the eyes would start shedding blood. There would be so much of blood flowing that it would be possible to sail boats in that.
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said: The Hell has seven gates. From the first gate Pharaoh, Haaman, Qaroun, that is the First, Second and the Third would enter! From the second gate the hypocrites and the infidels would enter the Hell. The third gate would be earmarked for the Bani Omayyad. None else would use that gate. The fourth gate of the Hell is Saqar and the fifth is Badia. Those who enter through Badia, will descend for seventy years and will again be pushed upwards. This is the largest gate and is the most difficult.
It is mentioned in the traditions that the fire in our world is a part of the seventieth part of hellfire that had been cooled seventy times with water before coming down to If this wasn't the case, then the heat wouldn't have spared any life on the earth. On the Day of Judgment, the Hell would be brought to the Maidan al-Mahshar (the ground where people will have to account for their past deeds
The Sirat would be suspended over this ground. There will be so much hue and cry from the Hell that the angels and the prophets (as) would start pleading with fear!


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