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Remember Him to Be Remembered by Him

Remember Him to Be Remembered by Him

God reminds his creatures: remember me so that I remember you. The Imam of Time is a complete manifestation of God. He is His greatest sign. He will remember us if we remember him. The more we remember him, the more he remembers us. How the Imam of Time remembers us is much different from how we remember him. God tells his prophets:

Salute this nation, your salutation brings about peace to them.

Is it the same when we pray for the health of the Prophet (PBUH) and when he prays for our wellbeing? The prayers of the Prophet (PBUH) are always accepted but not ours. We are not someone God would always love, but always cares for us even if we are sinners, but he always loves his Prophet.

These show the importance of holding religious rites. Remembrance and worship of God and remembrance of the Infallibles helps us avoiding sins and wrongdoing.
The Imam of Time never forgets us. He will see us on our most demanding times if we deserve it. The more sincerely and honestly we remember the more effective it gets.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


source : www.tebyan.net
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