Tuesday 24th of May 2022
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10 Iranian Revolutionary Guards held in Pakistan

10 Iranian Revolutionary Guards held in Pakistan

10 Iranian Revolutionary Guards held in Pakistan

Ten Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been arrested by the Frontier Corps (FC) after they crossed into Pakistan looking for suspected Jundullah terrorists involved in a terror attack in Iran, a media report said.


Security personnel arrested the Iranian guards from Jhodar town, 60 km south of Mashkhel area in Washuk district.

The Revolutionary Guards had travelled two kilometres into Pakistan during a search operation against suspected Jundullah terrorists Monday.

An FC spokesman said that the Iranian security personnel were being questioned.

At least 42 people, including seven senior provincial commanders, were killed in an apparent suicide bomb attack against the Revolutionary Guards in southeastern Iran.

The attack Oct 18 took place in Sistan-Baluchistan province, near Pakistan as the guards were reportedly on their way to a meeting of tribal leaders in Pishin.

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