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Striking of sword on Imam Ali (A.S)

Striking of sword on Imam Ali (A.S)


Striking of sword on Imam Ali (A.S)



After the battle of Neherwan was over, group of Khwarij daily held a meeting in Mecca and wept over their dead, those killed in Neherwan. One day, they told each other, "Sitting here and weeping is of no use. We should kill these three persons Ali ( A.S.), Muawiyah and Amro Aas, who destroyed the Islamic State and killed our brothers."
They invited three volunteers to perform these errands. Ibn-e-Muljim stood and said, "I will kill Ali (A.S.)." Hajjaj bin Abdullah, under took killing Muawiyah and Amro bin Bakr Taimeemi said, "I will kill Amro Aas." The three of them made a commitment together that they would materialize their plan on the 19th of Ramadan. Then, each one of them moved towards the place of his mission, so that they reach there and wait for the date, which was fixed.
But alas, the other two did not succeed in achieving there end, whereas, Ibn-e-Muljim did succeed. Ibn-e-Muljim came to Kufa and contacted the enemies of Ali (A.S.) and lived in their house till the 19th of Ramadan approached. One day Ali (A.S.) came across him in the streets of Kufa. He wanted to hide himself. But Ali ( A.S.) said, "I know for what purpose you have come to Kufa."
As soon as Ibn-e-Muljim heard these words, he trembled and his legs could no more carry him. He said to Ali (A.S.), "Oh Ali (A.S.) when it is so (that you know) release the orders of my being killed or put me in the prison or banish me off. Ali ( A.S.) had a look upon him and said, "Although I can put into practice each one of your suggestions, but Islam does not deem pre-crime punishment, fair. So I am obliged to let you go free. Perhaps you may repent upon your decision.
At last, on the 19th of Ramadan of the 40th Hijra the son of Muradi opened apart Ali's (A.S.) head and the mountain of faith and piety tumbled and crumbled down making the world of Islam mournful.
After Ali (A.S.) cried on the prayer place (when injured), "By the God of Kaabah I have succeeded." The haven's angel Jabriel shouted, "By God, the pillars of guidance are demolished. Ali ( A.S.) has been martyred."
People rushed out of their houses and arrested the killer of Ali (A.S.) and handed him over to Imam Hassan (A.S.), and carried Ali (A.S.) with a blood stained face to his house.
Imam Hassan (A.S.) imprisoned the killer and informed his father about it.
Imam Ali (A.S.) told his son, "Oh Son! This man who is my killer and he is your prisoner, look after his food and water and do not molest him. If I survive I know what to do with him and if I die then do not strike him but one blow." ...




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