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Fatima (A.S) the daughter of the Last Messenger and the Mother of Imams.

Fatima (A.S) the daughter of the Last Messenger and the Mother of Imams.

Name: Fatima Al-Zahraa, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and Lady Khadija (A.S.); wife of Imam Ali (A.S.); mother of Imam Hassan (A.S.), Hussein (A.S.); Zeinab and Um Kulthum.

Birth: Most historians agree Fatima (A.S.) was born five years after Prophethood, the 20th of Jamadi Al-Thani.

Death: Fatima (A.S.) died at the age of 18 years and seventy-five days old.

Naming Fatima (A.S.): The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) said Fatima was given that name "because she and her followers (Shiites) are protected from Hell." Fatima has nine names near Allah (Exalted Be His Name), they are:

Siddiqah (the honest)
Al-Mubarakah (the blessed one)
Al-Tahirah (virtuous)
Az-Zakiyah (the chaste)
Ar-Radhiatul Mardhiah (she who is gratified and who shall be satisfied)
Al-Muhaddathah (a person other than a Prophet, that the angel's speak to)
Az-Zahra (the splendid)

Fatima's (A.S.) Youth: The Prophet (s.a.w.) taught Fatimah (A.S.) divine knowledge and endowed her with special intelligence, so that she realized the true meaning of faith, piety, and the reality of Islam. But Fatima (A.S.) also was a witness of sorrow and a life of anguish from the very beginning of her life. She constantly seen her father being mistreated by unbelievers and later was herself a victim of the same abuse. The crisis became more intense when the Prophet (s.a.w.) was face fully confined to Abu Talib's trail along with his family. They lived in an atmosphere overtaken by fear and anxiety of constantly expected attack by the infidels at night. For the next three years, this suffering resulted in the spirit if struggle, honesty, and endurance awakening in Fatima(A.S.).

Hadeeth al-Kisa (the Cloak) demonstrates the purity and closeness of the Holy Family of the Prophet (s.a.w.):
One day, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) of I came to the house of his daughter, Fatima (A.S.), and told her that he was very tired and asked her to cover him with his cloak. As she was covering the Apostle of Allah, his face lit up and shined like the full moon. After a while, Imam Hassan came to the house and said that he could smell the fragrance of his grandfather. Fatima said that he was resting under the cloak. Hassan greeted the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and asked his permission to come under the cloak. Permission was granted. Similarly, Hussein, Ali, and Fatima, after greeting him and receiving permission from the Apostle, went under the cloak. Fatima (s.a.w.) said that when they, the Ahl Al-Bayt, gathered under the cloak, Almighty Allah said, "Let it be known to you, my angels and those who are in the heavens, that I swear by my honor and might that I have not created the heavens and earth and what are in them, but only out of love for the five honorable one who are under the cloak."

Ali (a.s.) asked the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) to explain the significance of their gathering under the cloak, the Prophet said, "I swear by Allah that whenever this tradition will be received among our friend and lovers, Allah's mercy will descend upon them and the angels will surround them and ask forgiveness for them until they disperse."

Allah will also remove the sorrow and answer the prayers of those who come to ask. Ali swore by the Lord of the Ka'aba that the Ahl al-Bayt and their friend had profited both in this world and the next.

Fatima's Marriage: When Fatima (A.S.) was married, her life became more beautiful and splendid. It allowed her to become the companion of the Father of the Imams, and live in an atmosphere of sanctity and chaste, surrounded by modesty and humbleness. They lived a harmonious life because of the amount of respect and gratification they held for each other. She respected her Imam in the best manner as a Muslim woman should. Likewise, Ali (A.S.) respected Fatima, not only because she was his wife, but also because she was the most beloved to Allah's Messenger.


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