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The Holy Qur’¡n.


Ab£ Zahrah Mi¥r¢, A¦mad ibn °anbal.

A¦k¡m as-Sul§¡niyyah.

‘Alam al-Hud¡, Sayyid Murtad¡. Am¡l¢.

Al-As’ilah wa’l-Ajwibah al-U¥£liyyah.

Al-Fiqh ‘al¡ al-Madh¡hib al-Arba‘ah.

Al-Ist¡mb£l¢, Ma¦m£d Mahd¢. Ibn Taymiyyah ba§al al-I¥¦ ad-D¢n¢ (Beirut: Nashr Maktaba’l-Isl¡m¢, n.d.).

Al-Kh£’¢, Sayyid Ab£’l-Q¡sim. Mi¥¦ al-U¥£l.

‘All¡mah Am¢n¢, Al-Ghad¢r.

‘All¡mah Majlis¢, Mir’¡t al-‘Uq£l.

A¥-¯a¦¢fah al-K¡milah as-Sajj¡diyyah.

A¥-¯a¦¢¦ f¢ S¢rah an-Nab¢.

Bid¡yah al-Mujtahid wa Nih¡yah al-Muqta¥id.

Bi¦¡r al-Anw¡r.

Daw¡n¢, ‘Al¢. Firqeh-ye Wahh¡b¢.

Faq¢h¢, ‘Al¢ A¥ghar. Wahh¡biyy¡n.

Fat¦ al-Maj¢d.

Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahh¡b, Mu¦ammad. At-Taw¦¢d wa’l-Qawl as-Sad¢d f¢ Maq¡¥id at-Taw¦¢d.

Ibn Qud¡mah, Al-Mughn¢.

Ibn Qayyim, Z¡d al-Ma‘¡d.

Kit¡b At-Taw¦¢d bi’l-Lughati al-F¡risiyyah, No. 27.

Miy¡nj¢, ªyatull¡h ‘Al¢ A¦mad¢. At-Tabarruk (Beirut).

Murtad¡, Sayyid Ja‘far. A¥-¯a¦¢¦ f¢ S¢rah an-Nab¢.

Musnad A¦mad ibn °anbal.

Mu§ahhar¢, Murtad¡. Jah¡n B¢n¢-ye Taw¦¢d¢ [Monotheistic Worldview].

Nahj al-Bal¡ghah.

¯a¦¢feh-ye Im¡m.

¯a¦¢¦ Muslim.

U¥£l al-K¡f¢.

پشت جلد





The emergence of the Wahh¡b¢ sect in the 12th century AH became the source of many religious and political disputes and disagreements in the Muslim world, and up to now, it has consumed a considerable portion of the potential and energy of Muslim societies especially from the time it had been backed by the political power of Ibn Sa‘£d and British imperialism.

The founder of this sect, Mu¦ammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahh¡b, came from Najd in the Arabian Peninsula. Under the influence of figures such as Ibn Taymiyyah, he used to express personal understandings of Islam contrary to the path of the ‘ulam¡’.

A comparative analysis of the ideas of Mu¦ammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahh¡b, on one hand, and Sunn¢ and Sh¢`ah beliefs, on the other, could reveal many of the religious innovations, deviations and speculative interpretations existing in this nascent sect. The book, A New Analysis of Wahh¡b¢ Doctrines, attempts to do so, and it has been written by utilizing references published by Wahh¡b¢ institutions in the °ij¡z.

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