Saturday 1st of October 2022
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Mosque is the first center for the education of Quran

According to the report of Shabestan news agency; the head of Quran center of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province of Iran, Mehdi Partavi, while addressing a session stated that the objective of this session is recognition of the education of Quran in the society and two months report of this institute. He stated that a software application has been made by this institute and all information about sessions of Quran, teachers of Quran of province, Quran centers, memorizers are made available on this software. He added that software has not been brought forth but it will be handed over to Quran centers of countries after resolving issues. He stated that institutes of Quran are presenting their activities in the province but mosques are first center of Quran because our infallible Imams have spread this source and we should also pay attention towards it.

source : http://shabestan.net
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