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In the previous study we discussed the position of woman and her

human and social status, and also the feelings of men who are related

to her, and their general psychological relations.

Here we talk about woman and family. Woman, in Islam, is the base and

the corner-stone in building the family, and is the beloved heart

which overflows with the sentiments of love, mercy and calmness.

"And of His signs is that: He created mates for you from yourselves

that you may find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and

mercy. Most surely there are signs for a people who reflect."

Holy Qur'an (30:21)


She is the source of tranquility, security and psychological

stability for man. She is the center of the harmonious get-together of

the family which protects the children from being waifs and strays.

She is the fountain-head of affection, love and mercy for the husband

and the children. That is why an organized family is a must,

psychologically, socially and legally, because it is the basic unit

for constructing the society, the state, and humanity as a whole.

The more righteous the family and stronger in construction, with its

members closely knit with each other, the sounder the society and the

freer the life from crime, misery and spiritual unhappiness. And vise

versa, the lower the family declines morally, and the relations among

its members deteriorate, the graver the loss and straying, and the

deeper the feeling of strangeness, depression and loneliness. In this

way man may be deprived of the scent of love and the feelings of

kindness and affection. All psychological studies and scientific

statistics confirm this fact, and stress that the cause of going

astray, spread of crime and the collapse of the personalities of the

grown ups, is the unhappiness suffered during childhood, due to

broken-up families, or because of aimless wandering or lack of

affection and parental care.

This proves that a family is a social, psychological, instinctive,

economic and educational necessity, and not an economic phenomenon, as

alleged by Marxism (Communism) which advocates sexual freedom, and

thereby destroys legal matrimonial life and ruins the family,

justifying this by its absurd philosophy interpreting wrongly the

history and the appearance of the family and society. It claims that

woman took refuge in man because of an economic drive, "since she was

weak and unable to hunt and struggle against the cruel nature, while

man was living a free life. So, she came to man to live with him to

get sustenance and protection. But in the modern era, as the woman is

able to provide for herself and her needs without man's assistance,

there is no need either for family or for marriage. Both man and woman

can satisfy their sexual desires, away from the requirements and

responsibilities of a family and a marriage contract, exactly as the

animals satisfy their sexual instincts".

Communism believes that the destruction of family life is a necessary

step towards the transition to the communist society which is based on

the ruins of the state, the religion, the family and private

possessions-a society where women become a common property available

to ever man, as the communists allege they had been before the

appearance of family life. This has been explicitly announced in the

Communist Manifesto declared by Marx and Engels, the founders of the

theory of Communism:

"To destroy the family! Even the most radical extremists feel angry

at this shameful and vile intention of the communists. But on what

basis is the bourgeois family erected at present? It is erected on

Capitalism and personal interest. It can be found, with its full being

and complete construction, only under the bourgeois. But its

supplement is its inevitable cancellation in respect to the

proletariat, and then open prostitution. The bourgeois family is

naturally dissolved by the dissolve of its supplement, and both the

family and its supplement dissolved by the dissolve of Capitalism.

So, do you blame us because we aim at abolishing the exploitation of

the children by their parents and relatives? If you do, then we

confess this crime, accusing us of destroying the most sacred

connections and relations by our attempt to move education from within

the family out into the society".

Here you are! Marx and Angels are quite legible in openly demanding

the destruction of the family, severing the parental relations between

the children and their parents, ruining the relationship ties because

of libertinism and the absence of legitimate matrimonial relations,

and burdening the society - that is, the state establishments - with

the rearing of the child after its mother throws it away.

Because of this fabulous thinking, which is contrary to the law of

nature and life, communism has failed throughout the world, and has

started to retract. The states advocating the application of this

theory - the Socialist countries: China, Russia and their Socialist

followers - began facing problems and difficulties in putting the

theory into practice. They encountered refusal and stiff resistance.

No means of terror and dictatorship could force the people under

Communist rule to accept and carry out such unnatural practices.

It was not Communism alone that demanded sexual liberty. In the

capitalistic culture there appeared philosophies advocating similar

ignorant concepts about sex, woman and marriage as those voiced by

Communism, only these are based on a different interpretation. Instead

of the economic interpretation presented by Marxism to explain the

rise and development of the family, matrimonial relations and other

human activities, Freud- the prominent psychologist in the capitalist

culture - presented his `sexual explanation' of the rise of the

family, society and the whole human activity.

Both theories reach the same conclusion, despite their different

starting points and distorted explanations.

Freud sees that the sexual desire is the only drive motivating the

formation of the family and the relation between man and woman. In

fact, this is not the only theory in the capitalist culture that

propagates sexual freedom, as there are other materialistic calls and

theories advocating the same philosophy and ideas.

Thus, we see that these materialistic cultures are heading towards

sexual libertinism, disintegrating the family structure and undoing

its sacred bonds, and are contended with carnal satisfaction of the

sexual needs in any available manner, even by sodomy, or with animals,

or by some manufactured means. Some figures and statistics in this

respect have already been mentioned.

But the great religion of Islam sees the family as the essential

constructive cell in the structure of the society. It stands on

natural creative bases, in an exactly defined system. It is a need

which the individual and the society cannot do without. To destroy the

family would mean destroying the natural law of social life.

Man is sociable by nature and is inclined to make acquaintance with

his fellow beings, and to congregate. There is between man and woman a

psychological process of perfection, which is other than satisfying a

desire. Stopping this process would cause a feeling of loneliness

anxiety, tension and spiritual pain, in both parties. These feelings

of love and longing for the other sex and ridding oneself from their*

tormenting psychological tension, cannot be achieved by merely

satisfying the instinct, as the materialistic concepts and libertine

theories claim.

The Glorious Qur'an illustrates these psychological principles and

natural motives for the formation of families, by saying:

"And of His signs is that; He created mates for you from yourselves

that you may find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and

mercy. Most surely there are signs for a people who reflect."

                                            Holy Qur'an (30: 21)

"He it is Who did create you from a single being, and of the same

(kind) did He make his mate that he might incline to her..."

                                                         Holy Qur'an (7: 189)

Therefore, all calls to destroy the family and emphasize the

instinctive aspect, have come to naught, by admitting their failure,

acknowledging the greatness of the divine law, and the triviality of

their counter directions of ignorance.

Communism, which regards the family as a phenomenon of the bourgeois

society, and demands that it should be abolished, and does its best to

do so, has been compelled to fall back and re-confirm the family.

In many countries of the world in Europe, America, and the Communist

bloc, the woman began to feel the bitterness of the kind of life

imposed on her and longed for a family life with a husband and

children, living under the shady branches of the tree of affection and


It may be useful to give examples of these attempts as reported by

the concerned offices. One of these reports says:

"In Germany more than one million mothers work outside their houses.

It was disclosed that 72% of these mothers are nervous, feel general

weakness, complain of disorder in their blood circulation, and of

heart attacks. 69% of them when back at home at night feel too

exhausted, because of their office work, to do any domestic work. 43%

of the mothers said that they had consulted their doctors several

times during the year for treatment."

The reports confirm that a woman needs to have a family, and longs

For a blissful marital life and its enjoyable blessings, having already

suffered from avoiding the family, and tasting the misery of

loneliness and deprival??? from marital love, maternal affection, and the

comfort of family life in a happy atmosphere.

The educational authorities in Scotland felt annoyed at the wave of

marriages that "threatened" the school-mistresses from staying at

their jobs. It was disclosed that in 1960 they employed 1563

school-mistresses, but at the end of the year 1000 of them had quitted

for marriage. The authorities said that marriage was threatening the

school system.

An institute in the USA conducted a poll among the women workers. The

result was that 65% preferred to go back to their homes. The woman

thought that she attained what she had wished. But today, having been

exhausted and worn down by the uneven road of work, she would rather

return back to her nest and hug her children in her arms.

For this reason Islam enjoins marriage and the formation of families,

strengthening its relation, and supporting its construction, since it

is the natural environment for happiness of the individual and the

center of his comfort and happiness.

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