Wednesday 10th of August 2022
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He named you Abbas

Open your eyes; unto whom my love I confine;

exchange a glance with me; my strength & spine!

The oppressors rejoice, their trumpets they blow;

gleaming joy from their faces does show. Every arrow they struck you with;

every spear with which they hit.

pierced my heart, as I watched you ride;

my tears from the enemy how can I hide?

Your right arm symbolized a mighty shield;

your left arm depicted my Zainab's veil.

Scenting your withering fragrance, Sakina shall be restless

how may I narrate the act so inhumane and ruthless?

How to you niece must I convey?

that her veil from her head shall be seized this day?

After you my brother, no stamina I see;

beauty of Haider; donot abandon me!

The day you were born; how father weeped ...

with his hand from your arm the dust he sweeped.

He named you Abbas - the hashemite moon;

to assist me today at this blazing noon.

O pillar of loyalty and trust !

after you to whom the flag must I entrust ?

Your blood has beautified this barren land;

message of love it has taught the sand.

Abbas, my brother I fear to fall;

as 'brotherless' to me the enemy does call.

My feet cannot take me back alone;

on my back I sense a weighty stone.

Before I leave O brother speak ...

I am aware of your state and that your health is weak.

My ears yearned to listen from your lips a word;

during your lifetime, the title 'brother' I never heard.

Bless me Abbas, call me once;

upon this the standard bearer made a faint utterance.

Hussain kissed his forehead;

& towards the tents, empty handed he head.

In one hand the flag and another on his back;

it seemed as though never ending was the track.

Sakina's eyes sparkled with glee;

' My uncle has returned, come all and see! '

The children all gathered around the path;

thirst is to be quenched they happily thought.

As the flag drew nearer; their eyes went wet,

they saw Hussain without his precious asset.

' I shall never ask for water, my uncle return '

this sight has made my heart forever burn.

source : shiamedia.org
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