Thursday 26th of May 2022
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The Shia al-Houthi Movement is ready to End the War in Saada

The soldiers of the Al-Houthi Movement requested internal and international originations to aid a ceasefire in Yemen. The ‘Saving the Nation’ plan was presented and would be explained through national dialogue. The Al-Houthi Movement believes that this plan can be considered a solution to the crisis that Yemen is facing. Last month Yemen’s security committee recommended a ceasefire but Abdul-Malik al-Houthi rejected it because of the new proposition.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi mentioned in this statement that the ‘Saving the Nation’ plan is a new plan and would be beneficial in solving the crises in Yemen including the war in Saada. The conditions in Yemen are getting worse on a daily basis due to the inappropriate actions of the officials by using all of the country’s resources to gain more and more power.

Al-Arabiyah reported that the Yemeni government welcomed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s proposal, but conditioned it upon the Al-Houthi movement accepting the six conditions that president Ali Abdullah Saleh stated some time ago.

The Yemeni government continued their onslaught on Sunday killing at least 100 and injuring at least 200 Shia in Northern Yemen.

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