Wednesday 25th of May 2022
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I was born in lebanon,my father is druze(non-mslim) and my mother christian. I had all christian learnings from my christian school, and  my mother home encouraged me to learn more about jesus. This lasted till my late adolescence, when i realised that Bible,although a good book,did not penetrate to the depth of my Soul. It is the story of jesus and his actions ,but i could not find in it the majesty of the words of God.  So i asked God to guide me to his way,in any religion he chooses  for me,but since my home embiance is not favoring islam ,i could not imagine that God wanted me to be a Muslim. I was even very bothered to hear Azan or see any Islamic activity. After that , i travelled to russia to study ,there i lived with my Christian girlfriend. My neighbour was  muslim, sometimes he told me about Islam but as usual i could not hear anything about it.  One day, my girlfriend was in the bus,she heard people telling jokes about Islam,. she,herself ,did not like Islam but she asked them:"do You  know anything about true Islam " , they replied:"no", so she told them :"how can you judge a religion without knowing anything about it ?"

And she left. After that she asked our friend to bring her some translated books about Islam for her to know if the things told about islam are true or not. Meanwhile, i had this strange dream,that was the message of God that i waited for,the vision was so clear and not blurred as most dreams are.

I was in a green place,splendid in it's beauty,  the earth was totally green,beauty that i did not see anything like it before, then i saw in the sky ,the sun,the moon and a star between them. The dream ended when someone gave a piece of paper on which was written " 5 times a day and if i tell you azzen(pray) fa azzen(so pray)"  i woke from my dream very pleased by the visions but i did not understand the other sightings. So i asked my friend and he told me that muslims pray 5 times a day and the vision i saw is mentioned in koran in different souras,like youssef and kiyama(judgement day) when people will see the sun , the moon   together.

Since I did not read koran before, I was astonished that how something I saw was mentioned in the book of Allah, without this being a picture from my memory.

After that i took the koran and started to read it ,then i felt totally taken by this book, i felt the truth, the majesty behind each word, i  felt at last what can penetrate the deepest parts of my soul.

So my girlfriend (who felt the same attraction to the word of Allah) And I embraced Islam, and married after that. I do not say that only my dream made me a Muslim, this dream was only the message of God that i waited for. My knowledge of Islam and Koran teachings made me a Muslim. Anyway God does not want us to believe blindly in him, in Koran he asks us to test the truth of his book and to face it every time with the modern knowledge to believe that it is the truth.

God gave us our brains to think, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, if we have to check about Islam so check it from a good source to have the clearest idea about Allah, and stay far from those who are only trying to harm the book of Allah without knowing their true goal in that. My situation now is like someone who found a treasure and wants to share it with everybody.

I want to tell you how believing in God can change your life dramatically, how we can obtain this purity of soul, how we can enjoy life after knowing why we are in this life

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