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Wisdom behind Record of Deeds

Here arises a question that when God is Al-knowing Himself why any need of recording deeds of His servants?
Kallaa…Illiyyeen (Surah Mutaffiffeen 83:18)
Kallaa…Sijjeen (Surah Mutaffiffeen 83:7)
Why all this giving the record of good people in their right hands by the Karroobeen angels and their carrying upwards and the records of evil fellows downwards? The answer is that the Most Merciful God likes it that His servants may not even go near evils and sins. If he knows that there is some one who is recording his deeds as per God's Command, he will remain cautious.
O sinful servant! Beware! The Lord of the Universe has appointed two spies over you in addition to your own body organs so that man may have some shame. On the other hand, they may be encouraged to do good through their knowledge about the recording of deeds and its importance and their good consequences. For a clearer understanding: - Come! Read My Worksheet.
How much happiness the student feels who stands first in examination result. He dances and shouts so that all may know about his shinning success. “Come and look at my result sheet!” Shouts the student, “I have stood first.”
Tomorrow, on the Day of Judgement too, when a Momin (Faithful) will be given his scroll of Deeds in his right hand his happiness will know no bands and he will very joyfully tell every one: O friends! O my acquaintances! Just read my Naam-e-Aamaal (Record of deeds).
Haa Umuq…Kitaabiyah (19:69)
Look at this testimonial about the acceptance of my prayers, my fastings and my good deeds! I was always worrying about the accounting of this Day.
Innee Za Nanatu…Raaziyah (69:20-21).
I was sure that I will get my account. Then he will remain in desired luxury. So such person will live forever such good luck in paradise.
But how unlucky is the child who has failed in his examination. He will walk toward his home bowing his head in a very unhappy state of mind. He will be telling to himself: How nice had I died and not seen this dark day of ashamedness. Some times such badly affected child also becomes ill. Multiply the degree of effect of this example a thousand times. You will have an idea of the pitiable condition of sinners when they will be given their record of deeds in their left hand.

I Wish They Had Not Given Me My Record Of Deeds
Wa Ammaa…Sultaaniyah (Surah Haaqqah 69:25-29).
Translation: And whose record of deeds will be given in his left hand will say: I wish! I should not have been given my record of deeds and I should not have known what was my account (result). I wish, death would have finished me forever. Alas, my wealth did not avail me anything. O, my kingdom has gone in vain.
He will say so only because he will observe that his record has nothing but shame. He will wish for death after which there would be no death again and everything would end permanently. Then he will wail: My money did not help me and so my land and my power all have left me lurking in pain and shame.

How The Record Will Be Given From Behind
There also will be some people in the field of Mahshar on the Day of Qiyamat, who will be handed over their records of deeds from behind: Wa Ammaa…Sa ee Rah (Surah Inshiqaaq 84:10-12)
Translation: But the one who will be given his record of deeds from behind will pray for death and he will enter hell-fire.
This (giving of record from behind) can be in two ways: First, both of his hands may be tied to his be tied to his back and his head will be turned so that he can read his record. Another way can be that his left hand will pierced in his chest forcing it to come out in his back and then his face will be turned and he will be ordered to read his record: Iqra' Kitaabak…Haseeba (Surah Israa 17:14)
(We will ask him): Read your record of deeds. Today you are sufficient to take your own account. He will himself read back-bitings, false allegations, lies, shameless utterances and actions, assaults on others' honour and all other evils committed by him in his worldly life. Likewise, he will also read the offences done by his body organs. He will raise a wailing voice. “This book is such that it has not left even any big or small deed of mine without writing it down. Whatever he had done in the world will be now before his own eyes.
Yaa Wai La Ta Naa…Ahadaa (Surah Kahaf 18:49).
Translation: Alas, this my misfortune! What type of book is this which leaves neither a little error nor a great crime without recording. And they will find inscribed whatever they had done in the world and your Lord will not do even the slightest injustice to anyone.

Severe Pain After Reading The Record
Some people will be such that reading their records of deeds all the joints of their bodies will disintegrate. Blood and dirt will begin to flow from their eyes. It is mentioned in a hadis of the Holy Prophet that, at that time, will come a Voice: “Is there is this record even a single deed which you had not done?” He will reply: No, O My Lord! Everything recorded in this sheet is true. Then he will bow his head in shame.

No Suspension Or A Suspension For A Thousand Years
On the Day of Judgement, man will, in a split second, remember all of his lifelong deeds and also see them recorded in a scroll or sheet. It will be very strange realm. Everyone's record will appear clear before everyone's eyes. Some people will be able to become free accounting within seconds. They will be Sulehaa (pious people). But some people will remain suspended in their accounting for a thousand years, not because their record will be very lengthy but what will be aimed at will be the pain and hardship due for them. Some people's accounting will take very little time, such as for milking a sheep. The time taken for some people's account will be, so to say, from Zuhr (noon) to Asr (afternoon). Some will remain suspended in accounting for forty years, a thousand years and even upto fifty thousand years in some cases.

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