Tuesday 24th of May 2022
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Controversy over Hugo Chavez entering the Shrine of Imam Rida (a)

People critisized Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, of being a communist and an atheist. They further critisized the Islamic Republic for allowing him to enter the shrine of Imam Rida (a). These criticisms were then published by various news agencies. Ahmad Subhani, the head of the Iranian foreign ministry's Latin American sub-section, stated in an interview with the Fars News Agency that Chavez has announced on numerous occasions that he is monotheistic and a believing Christian. He stated: "The Church has never been on the same side as revolutionaries in Latin America. They were always on the side of the governments. This is why revolutionaries do not have good relationships with the Church. But, Chavez announced that he is a believing Christian. He believes that Jesus Christ will come along with Imam Mahdi (aj) to fill the world with justice."

He stated that Chavez and those who accompanied him did not enter area where the dari' of Imam Rida (a) is held; rather, they remained in certain designated areas. Some of the people who accompanied Chavez stated that they were confronted by an amazing spiritaul atmosphere when they entered the shrine.

Subhani stated taht it is incorrect for some people to label others who claim to be monotheists as atheists. He stated that this is un-Islamic concessing that the schoalrs and maraja' are the one's who need to be referred to in this case.

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