Thursday 26th of May 2022
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Saudi Arabia prohibits any performing of Qadr Nights ceremony

Saudi interior ministry and security forces warned officials and curators of the mosques and Husainiyah in the eastern region to prevent any religious ceremony, especially Qadr Nights, after twelve o'clock during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the Ahl ul bayt News Agency (ABNA.ir), quoting from al-Alam, Saudi interior ministry ordered to those responsible of Shiite mosques to sign a pledge in order to disallow performing of any religious ceremonies after twelve o'clock during the month of Ramadan.

During the order Saudi authorities asked the chief of mosques, Husainiyah and Islamic centers to shut down and disallow the prayers to performing the Qadr ceremony after 12 A.M, otherwise they will face punishment, mosques will be closed for ever and their executive responsibles will lead to jail.

But officials and bosses of the Shiite mosques refrained signing any commitment.

It is for months that Wahhabians who control the interior ministry of Saudi Arabia have increased the pressure against the Ahl ul Bayt's followers.

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