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Book titled “Sharhe Hikmat Wa Manawiyat Shiee Dar Do’aye Komail” Published

Niyayesh Arefan (Sharhe Hikmat Wa Manawiyat Shiee Dar Do’aye Komail”, author Dr. Mohammad Fanaee Eshkewari, Qom, published by Shiite Research Institute, 2007, 448 pages.

The author says,”I have humbly tried to bring out the pure Shiite wisdom and spirituality from its headspring and make it available for the seekers of reality. When explaining the meanings of Komail Prayer I first attempted to indicate the first meaning of expressions of the prayer and then I used the Quranic verses to explain the deep meaning of them. In order to make it attractive to the readers, I added Farsi poems and instructive stories. My main objective has been mental analysis and logical presentation of the subjects; however, I made efforts to refrain from complex structures and philosophical and mystical comparisons.”

The book contains two main sections: in the first section of the book titled, “reality of praise and Komail prayer” some discussions about the essence of prayer and praise are presented. This section also includes assessment of essence of prayer and praise, elements and essentials of prayer, levels and conditions of prayer, details and points of prayer, results of prayer, who is Komail and position of Komail prayer.

In another part of this section the reader finds: “O Komail Sit down, if you read this prayer each Friday night or once a month, or once a year or once a lifetime, you will be relieved from the evil of your enemies, you will be supported, your sustenance will be provided by God and your sins will be forgiven.

The second section is explanation of the prayer itself, the same way as quoted from the author.

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