Sunday 17th of January 2021

Iran Holds Quran Competition in Kenya


--As part of Iran’s Quranic Week plan, a Quran memorization and recitation contest was held yesterday, September 6, by Iran Cultural Center in Malindi, Kenya.

According to Mohammad Khatim, organizer of the competition, 54 entrants were the students of Islamic schools of the city who competed in four categories of memorization of 2, 5, 15 and the entire parts of the Quran.

The teacher of Quran and Islamic sciences in Malindi schools, said most of the participants did well in the memorization field, but they need to do more practice in Tajweed (recitation rules) and correct pronunciation of Arabic letters through listening to top recitations to be able to attend future contests more prepared.”

The competition hosted by a Shila mosque was attended by both male and female participants of various age groups.


Winners of the first three tilts in each category were awarded by Iran's Cultural Center in Kenya.


Addressing the prize-giving, Abbas Farmand, Iran's Cultural Attaché in Kenya touched on the necessity of promoting Quranic culture among Muslims and refection on Quranic concepts, and said although Iran Cultural Center is based in the capital Nairobi, it is heavily involved in organizing Quranic programs throughout the country, particularly the eastern Muslim regions like Mombasa and Malindi.

Internationally known Iranian reciter, Masoud Piruzmand also attended the ceremony and recited some verses of the Quran.

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