Wednesday 17th of August 2022
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Iran’s Quranic Art Outstanding

-- With its intricacies and sophistication, Iranian Islamic and Quranic art is outstanding in the world, deputy chairman of the Municipal Council of Mombasa, Kenya, told IQNA.


In a visit to the “Quran in the Mirror of Art” Exhibition here in Mombasa, M.A.Amur urged that more such exhibitions be held for the Iranian art to be presented to the people of Mombasa and the rest of the world.

Speaking to Mehdi Khodapanah and Mohammad Movaheddian Attar, whose works are on display at the exhibition, he was briefed about the arts of calligraphy, illumination and painting-calligraphy.

Noting that an exhibition at such a level is for the first time being held in Mombasa, he called for more such activities to be organized in the city by Iran’s Cultural Council in Kenya.

Deputy chairman of the Municipal Council of Mombasa also expressed hope that opportunities would be provided for Kenyan artists to learn the Iranian arts of calligraphy, illumination and painting-calligraphy.

Organized by the Cultural Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya, the five –day “Quran in the Mirror of Art” Exhibition is underway in Mombasa until Thursday.

In addition to artworks by Mr. Movaheddian and Mr. Khodapanah, the exhibition showcases Quranic software produced by the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences and Islamic books published by the Al-Hoda Publications.

It is part of the “Quranic Week” initiative, planned by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) in 32 countries.

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