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Incidents of Ashura’s evening and setting fire to the tents

Incidents of Ashura’s evening and setting fire to the tents

Book:  A review on the story of Imam Hussein’s (God bless him) martyrdom

Writer:  Ayatullah Professor Hussein Ansarian


One of the saddening tragedy which came upon Ahle Bait (God bless them) was setting fire to the tents by the enemy. This upsetting tragedy has been narrated in the Maghtal of Abu Mokhnaf,[1] Alershaad from Sheikh Mofid,[2] Macero-al-Ahzan,[3]Behar-al-Anvar[4] and Maalio-al-Sebtein.[5]

When Ahle Bait (God bless them) became sure that Imam Hussein (God bless him) has been martyred by looking the scene of horse, raised their voice to crying and wailing. Omar-Ibn-Saad shouted angrily “ouch to you! Collapse the tents above these weepers, set fire to them and burn the tents with whoever is in it.” Then Shemre commanded “pillage whatever is in the tents.” The enemy pillages the tents and on the other side they sat fire to the tents.[6]

Hameed-Ibn-Muslim says “some fighters attacked along with Shemre to the tent of Imam Sajjad (God bless him) while he was extremely sick and was lying down, I saw that they pulled the carpet which was under Imam Sajjad (God bless him). They told to Shemre “don’t you want to kill this sick young?” I said “that’s amazing, what are you doing?” they gave up till Omar came and shouted “leave this young person.”[7]

Any way Ahle Bait (God bless them) fled from flame of fire and any of them went to a direction, but the enemies were chasing them and attacked to them with whip and with the bottom of their lances. They pillaged their earrings and bracelets and anklets and their ears tore by pulling out the earrings.[8] In this strange situation Syed-Ibn-Tavoos said: Ahle Bait (God bless them) that all kind of tragedies were happening for them and were fleeing, they came near the ghatlegah of Imam Hussein (God bless him) and his companions and by looking at those bodies they shouted and hurt their faces.[9]

One the witnesses says “swear to God that I will never forget Zaynab (God bless her) that was crying for Imam Hussein (God bless him) in that condition and was saying with a broken heart and disconsolately “O Mohammad (peace be upon him)! Salaam to you O the person that skies’ angels salaam you! This is your Hussein who has fell on the ground, his has been colored by his blood, his organs are fragmented and they have captured your daughters and have killed your descendants and desert’s wind is blowing on them. My mother and father be sacrifice to one whose companions and glory was pillaged on the day of Monday in Saghyfe and they overturned his tents! My mother and father be sacrifice to that friendless traveler that there isn’t any hope for his returning! My mother and father be sacrifice to a body that hasn’t any unwounded place in his body and there is no chance for his remedy and treatment. My mother and father be sacrifice to one whom I only sacrifice myself for him! My mother and father be sacrifice to one who was swamped in discomfort and uneasiness till he died! My mother and father be sacrifice to one who martyred with thirsty lip and whose holy beard was colored with his head blood and blood was trickling from his beard! My mother and father be sacrifice to one whose ancestor is Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)! My mother and father be sacrifice to one who is grandchild of guidance messenger! My mother and father be sacrifice to Mohammad-e-Mustafa (peace be upon him) and Khadije-e-Kobra (God bless her) and Ali-e-Mortaza (God bless him) and Fatima-e-Zahra (God bless her) the lady of all women!

The witness says “swear to God! Whether friend or enemy cried to this condition, then Sakina (God bless her) came and fell herself on the body of his father, embraced the separated throat and didn’t leave it; but some of those enemies gathered and violently kept her apart from his holy father’s body.”[10]

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source : Book: A review on the story of Imam Hussein’s (God bless him) martyrdom Writer: Ayatullah Professor Hussein Ansarian
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