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Human History and Islam

Haughty tribes and nations which lived without following God's teachings preached by the Prophets and mentioned in the scriptures all suffered from mental deviation regarding humankind and all world affairs. They made wrong judgments about Creation and nearly all creatures. They stated incorrect things based on their wrong impressions and unjust judgments; thus they lived a life full of oppression both to themselves and others. The pages of life history were hideously portrayed by them.

Among these judgments were the wrong ones concerning women they were against morality and humanity and facts. After studying books on this issue written in the West and the East, I came to the conclusion that the nations which lived without fear of God and revelations, thought incorrectly and were drowning in carnal desires, making ten oppressive judgments which were illogical and inhumane.

1.) A woman is completely weak and helpless, thus she must obey her husband in all affairs without any questions. She does not have the right to interfere in daily affairs, even in the home matters.

2.) Woman is a creature with a satanic soul. Thus she is not human or if any attention is to be paid to her, she must be treated as something between human and animal. Therefore, she is worthless, deserves no respect and lacks a personality.

3.) She cannot own any positions but can only own a few things, if the man wishes so.

4.) She receives no inheritance but she is to be inherited after the death of her father or husband.

5.) She does not have the right to worship or enter the spiritual domain. Her worshipping is worthless because she is weak in mind and is whimsical.

6.) She does not deserve legal attachment to her father and son, and the only link between them is blood.

7.) Once married, her children are not the grandchildren of her father. Alienation of her children and her father is certain since the family relations continue through the male children.

8.) On death, she is quite different from the man, since the man is immortal upon death. Woman, however, terminates once dead.

9.) She is an object to be used by the man just as his material property. He can loan her, rent her, donate her, sell her, dismiss her or even murder her.

10.) She is a tool to satisfy man's lust. There is no legal limit in the way men exploit women. Europe and America, which are far from God's revelations, have gone so far that woman is considered to be a commodity to be used to attract more customers for the cinemas, television, video, satellite and various journals. Among these the pornographic ones have the most income.

source : THE LAND OF THE LOVERS An Exposition on Imam Zainol Abedin’s Sahifeh Sajjadieh VOLUME 1 BY Shaykh Husayn Ansariyan Translated by Dr. M. Farrokhpey
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