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The Primality of the Life Principle

Science says it is life that creates life. The life of animate beings is possible only by means of generation procreation and the reproduction of species. No single cell has yet been discovered that was born from lifeless matter. Even the lowest forms of living being such as fungi and parasites cannot come into existence and grow unless a cause that itself partakes of life is to be found in its environment.

According to the testimony of science the earth went through long periods in which there was no possibility of life because of the extreme heat prevailing. No vegetation was to be seen on the face of the planet and there were no rivers or springs. The atmosphere was full of molten metals and volcanic eruptions. Later when the crust of the earth began to cool only inorganic matter could be found there for millions of years. In short throughout the tumultuous changes that took place on the surface of the earth there was no trace of life on it. How then did life suddenly gush forth?

There is no doubt life came into being some time after the appearance of the earth; how long that process took and how it came about is not known.

For centuries researchers have been striving in their laboratories to uncover the mystery of life this truly remarkable phenomenon but they have not yet come any closer to solving the riddle.

One researcher writes in the book Distant Worlds What a bewitching word is life! Did existence come into being from non-existence? Can organic matter emerge from inorganic matter? Or is some powerful and creative hand at work? It is sometimes suggested that life may have come to our planet from other heavenly bodies, because when the lowest forms of life—the seeds of vegetable microbes—swimming in the atmosphere of a heavenly body rise to a great elevation, the rays of the sun may carry them by means of pressure into space, so that they ultimately reach the surface of another heavenly body where they flourish and develop.

This hypothesis does not represent the slightest progress in the solution of the great riddle because if the hypothesis be true we still do not know how life appeared whether on one of the planets in the solar system or one of the Great Dog stars. Just as a clock is not made by heaping together springs cogs bolts and levers so too the creation of life is not possible in the absence of a heart—i.e. that which sets life in motion—and a summons that proclaims 'come to life!"

We know that matter in and of itself lacks life and that no material element possesses life unaided. Thus life cannot be supposed to proceed from the harmonious compounding of the atoms that make up matter. The question arises why living matter cannot repeat itself other than by procreation and reproduction of the species. Chemical actions and reactions are constantly underway in inanimate bodies without any trace of life being reflected in them. To say that

matter is inclined to compounding and that life suddenly

emerged in the course of its development and evolution is to describe the living and vital phenomena we sensorially observe; it is not to explain the origin of life and its cause.

Moreover the particles of matter were not originally incompatible with each other; a cause must therefore have operated to bring about the compounding of some of them and to prevent the compounding of others. And what is the cause for some particles being endowed with life and others deprived of it?

The only thing to result from the compounding of two or more elements is that each element gives to the other some of the properties it possesses; how should it make a gift of something it does not possess? The elements acquire a common property as a result of compounding a property that cannot go beyond the properties that each possess but life with its unique character bears no similarity to the properties of matter. Life displays itself in ways of which matter is incapable and in many respects indeed life dominates matter. Although life appears to be dependent on matter matter being the mould which receives it motion will and ultimately perception and knowledge appear in matter only when life casts its rays upon it. It is therefore unjustifiable to attempt to interpret life in terms of chemical reactions.

What factor is it that manufactures cells in numerous different varieties and with different programs and then inserts them in a planned form? It prepares reproductive cells that transfer the characteristics and peculiarities of fathers to their offspring without the slightest error occurring in the performance of that function.

We see that life cells have certain particular characteristics in their composition among which are repair reconstruction preservation of the species and the capacity for variation.

Every cell in man functions at the required time and in the required manner. The distribution of labor and function among cells is remarkable. They are distributed in the quantity needed to assure growth of the body and every cell goes to its appointed place in the brain the lungs the liver the heart and the kidneys. Once the cells have taken up their appointed positions they do not fail for an instant in performing their vital functions; they disperse and repel superfluous and useless matter and preserve exactly their proper volume.

To ascribe this remarkable classification which has the purpose of forming in due proportion the limbs and organs needed by animate beings to mechanical and unconscious factors is a completely inadequate interpretation. What freely thinking person would accept such illogicality?

Life is then a light which shines from lofty horizons on material entities that have the capacity to receive it; it sets them in motion and puts each intelligently in its particular locus.

It is the guiding will of the Creator His power to decide in a way that ensures movement and development toward perfection and His comprehensive and far-reaching wisdom that bestow the great miracle of life with all its properties on lifeless matter. A man who is aware of the truth sees a constant thread of life running through the changing and moving substance of matter. He contemplates God in His aspect of continuous creation and origination His ceaseless impelling of all things toward perfection.

source : http://www.maaref-foundation.com
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