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Innocents as physicians

Innocents as physicians


The Sound of Mother's Heart:

In Medina of the classical time where the scientific means and laboratories could not be found, Imam Sadiq(s) recommended that mothers should let their new-born babies sleep on their left-side.

This recommendation went unnoticed by most people who could not visualize its effects. Some people were even under this assumption that new-born babies would get hurt if the mother turned her body over it.

When Mohammad Ibn Edris Shafee, who was born in 150 AH, two years after the demise of Imam Sadiq(s), and who died in Cairo in 199 AH, was asked on which side of a mother, a child should sleep, he answered: it would not make any difference, both right and left side will do.

At times, even this recommendation of Imam Sadiq(s) was considerd against the common sense. This is because the word “right” implied more respect than the word “left”.

The 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, which were the era of Enlightment, passed and then came the nineteenth century. In the second part of this century the corner-stone for the Coronial University was laid in America.

Azra Coroneil, the founder of this university, who had had a difficult time when she was a child, decided to establish an institute for the infants. This institute which was founded on the first year of the establishment of this university, later was annexed to the Medical college. For the last century this institute has been doing research on infants and babies. This institute studies even the signboards which deal with children and toddlers.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the researchers of this institute studied the signboards which are used for children and which are kept in the world museums. Out of 466 signboards kept in these museum, a great majority depict children who are kept on mothers' left side.

In 373 signboards, out of 466, children were kept on mother's left side. And in 93 cases, the children were kept on the right side. This is interpreted to mean that in 80 percent of cases the infants are kept on the mothers' left side, when they engage in resting.

In New York state there are several nurseries related to the institute of infants of the Coroneil university.

The reports of the researches done by these scholars show that those infants who sleep on the mothers' left side experience a more relaxing time than when they are kept on the mothers' right side. Keeping them on the mothers' right side causes them feel discomfort.

These scholars were not merely content with their research on American white infants. They wanted to see the result on the infants born to black Americans and the Yellow race infants. Their research showed that this generalization equally applies to all races. These infants felt more comfortable if they were lept on the left side of their mothers.

Years later, holography was invented through which photos could be taken from tiny things in three dimensions. Working with this apparatus, researchers studied the status of the foetus and found out that the reflection of the sound of mother's heart could be sensed by the infant.

In order to see what happens to the foetus when the mother's heart sounds are stopped, these researchers studied some other mammals. The stoppage of the sounds of the mothers' heart had an effect on the infant mammal and the infant stops living as soon as its mother is dead.

The foetus gets so much accustomed to the mother's heart beats that it will be disturbed if it would not listen to its mother's heart beat after birth.

If the founder of Coroneil university had not established a center for research on infants and toddlers, and if that center had not continuously carried out research on these infants, the value of Imam Sadiq's statement would have never been shown so vividly.

Today, in all nurseries related to the research center of Coroneil university, there are tapes which are records of mothers' heart beats and which are connected to the infant's bed to keep it amused and relaxed.

A grown up's heart, man or woman, beats 72 times every minute. In the nurseries related to the Coroneil University, it has been verified that an increase in the beats in the artificial hearts from 72 times to, say, 110 or 120, will disturb all infants kept in the room.


The land of lovers by Professor hossein Ansarian


source : land of lovers
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