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Titles of Hazrat Abbas (a.s.)

1-Qamar-e-Banihashem (The Moon Of Banihashem's Progeny)

This was his most famous nickname. The reason behind that was his good looking face which was resembled to the moon.

2-Saqqa' (The One Who Brings Water)

This is his another famous nickname.Since he was dealing with bringing water to Imam Hussein (A.S)'s camps and supplying Imam's thirsty children with water, he was given this nickname.

3-Hamel-ul-Lava' (The One Who Carries the Flags)

This nick name was given to him because he was the one who carried the flag in Imam Hussein (A.S)'s troop.

4-Raees-e-Askar-al-Hussein (the Commander of Imam hussain(a.s.)'s troops)

This nickname was given to him because he was the commander of Imam hussain (as.)'s troops.

source : http://www.ziaraat.org
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