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The adventure of healing an untreatable diseased by Ahle Beyt’s (God bless them) kindnesses

The adventure of healing an untreatable diseased by Ahle Beyt’s (God bless them) kindnesses

A lecture by Professor Hossein Ansarian:

I have seen the man whom I want to say his adventure. When I was studying religious education in Qum, I came to Tehran at a Thursday to visit the writer of Pishaver’s nights’ book. He had a heart disease and had slept in bed. He introduced me to one who had come before me to visit him and said to him that “he is Qum’s student. He is studying and possibly he will be preacher in future. You say your story by your tongue to him.” He turned to me and said “are you ready to come with me to Pars hospital?” I said “sir! I haven’t enough time. I always come to Tehran at Thursdays and come back to Qum at Fridays.” He said “because my file is there and you are young so I want you to come with me and see my file and you yourself hear the doctor’s opinion. Then I tell you what has happened. If you haven’t time to come to hospital for looking my doctoral evidences, this person, the writer of Pishaver’s nights’ book knows about the accuracy of my adventure; because we have old friendship with him and he knows about that event, and if you yourself want to research about the accuracy of my adventure, as I said, my file is in Pars hospital.” Then he told me about his adventure and said “when I woke up at morning to make ablution, I saw that I couldn’t stand up from my place. I called my wife and said him that the time of my morning pray is passing and I can’t stand up. My wife came and raised me by taking under arm of mine. But I saw that I can’t stand up even by the help of my wife and fell on that place. I said to her that it’s better that you bring water and I make ablution on my bed. When I said my pray, I said to my wife to bring a doctor.” When the doctor came and examined me, out of the room, said to my wife that “you should put up with this diseased. He can’t stand up all his lifetime. All his body has been disabled. They brought me to Pars hospital and I was there about forty days and nights. The most specialist doctors saw my examination’s picture and eventually said to my wife that, his illness hasn’t any treatment in all earth. When we came back to home I said to my wife that the world’s doctors are these doctors who are in Iran and Europe? She said I don’t know. I said is there any other doctor? My wife said “I brought all specialist doctors to visit you. Who are these doctors?” I said that Imam Hussein (God bless him); he intervene for us very honestly. As soon as Imam Hussein (God bless him) intend, God will help us. He doesn’t need to express his intention. I said to my wife that stand up and prepare the passport so that I go to Imam Hussein’s (God bless him) holy shrine. When the passport prepared, I said to my wife that come and sit beside me because I want to tell you a believing matter. O my wife, maybe God doesn’t intend me to be healed and I die with this condition. My intention is to have a travel to Karbala, but when our relationship ask you where you are taking me, you have to say them that I’m taking him to Israel; because we have some ill-veil and weak hearted people among them; because when I go to Karbala and God doesn’t intend me to be healed, we won’t weaken people belief toward Imam Hussein (God bless him).

 I think that this person said admirable words and this cognizant person wanted to keeps Imam Hussein’s (God bless him) credit, and he wanted to say that, as you will keep our reputation in hereafter, I’ll keep your reputation and I won’t cause to disrepute you. He said to his wife that says to everyone of our relationship that we are going to Israel. I swear her to God that she mustn’t say the reality to anyone even to his father and mother and his brothers and sisters. When we wanted to go our all relationship came and said to us that where you are going? We said that we want to go to Israel. Then I sent my wife to a refined and religious person to ask him for make an Estekhareh (to ask from holy Quran to do something or not) for us that whether we go with airplane or not. The Estekhareh was very bad. Afterward we made another Estekhareh to go by train to Ahvaz and then go to Basra and again the Estekhareh was bad. After that we made one more Estekhareh to go by car or not that the Estekhareh was bad again. So we bought three bus tickets from Buzar Jomhury, two seats at a same place for me and one seat for my wife, and at the very beginning part of the morning in a way that no one notice, my wife brought a wheelchair and got me on the bus. Then we got on the bus till we arrived to Kazemain. In Kazemain I said to my wife that it is better that at first we go to Karbala because I have problem and you are inconvenience and we are in Kazemain now. She accepted and I spent the month of Rajab in Imam Hussein’s (God bless him) holy shrine and nothing was happened. Everyday my wife brought me to his holy shrine and I bowed my neck and said “O Hussein (God bless him) nothing was happened.” I said to myself that don’t be tired and fatigue, the lapse of time shouldn’t disappoint you. If they don’t respond you within a short time it means that maybe they want you to come back toward them, and keeping on to tell them that O Ali (God bless him) or Hussein (God bless him) and talk to them; because they like it. When the Rajab finished, I said to my wife that take a taxi to go to Helle and visit Syed Mohammad’s holy shrine in the month of Shaban, and then go to Samera and after that come back to Kazemain again. When our journey will finish we’ll come back to Iran at the end of Shaban. And we’ll say to everyone who comes to visit us that the Israelite doctors said that I won’t cure. When we went to Syed Mohammad’s holy shrine our visitation finished at five p.m. Then my wife reserved two seats at the back of mini bus’s driver’s seat for me and reserved another seat for herself. Toward Kazemain there was cockcrow and the Arab driver whose beside’s wooden stool was only empty had stopped the bus to find someone who fills that seat. The last traveler who was a sedate and courteous young person came and sat on that stool. When the mini bus started to move, that youth began to reciting the holy Quran, but what a holy Quran it was! What a holy verses those were! “And they give their food to poor and orphan and captive because of his (Allah) fondness.”[1]

Everyone who isn’t pauper can stand up and leave the Ahle Beyt (God bless them). Why wealthy people should be there? The one who isn’t orphan also can leave the Ahle Beyt (God bless them). The one who isn’t captive can go away from Ahle Beyt (God bless them) as well. Because the Ahle Beyt (God bless them) care for the paupers greatly in nowadays. Also care for the orphan and captive; because they themselves were captivated and know, and they have become orphan so they know its pain. We are orphan today as well; because holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) and Imam Ali’s (God bless him) blessing shadow aren’t above our head. “We give you food just for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction and we don’t want any remuneration and thankfulness from you.”[2] I said to myself that O God! Who is this person that reciting the holy Quran thus. He recites the holy Quran and the driver’s shoulder shake from weeping intensity. The youth turned back and said in Arabic to the driver that has you any intention to go to Mashhad? The driver answered “yes sir. From a long time ago I want to go to Imam Reza’s (God bless him) holy shrine but it doesn’t happen.” Then he brought out an amount of money from his pocket and gave it to the driver and said to him “when you will go to Mashhad, in the holy shrine, a person with this description will be visiting my ancestor’s tomb. Take this money and bring with yourself and say to him that the thing you requested from me is this amount of money, and this is that amount.” The driver said “yes sir!” then the youth turned back his head. Suddenly that youth, who was speaking Arabic eloquently, turned his head toward me and started to speaking Persian eloquently with me and said to me “Mr. Husseni!” he said me my name and asked me “are you okay?” I said “no” he said “what has happened for you?” I said that I’m disabled; I have gone to a lot of place so that I would be recuperated, but I haven’t recuperated. Then he stood partially and put his hand at the back of me and rubbed it a little bit, and said “you are okay now and you haven’t any illnesses anymore.” Then at the middle of desert, he said to driver that he want to gets off.” The driver said “sir! Here is desert; there aren’t any houses or tents here.” He said “here is my place and tonight I have to stay here.” The driver stopped at the roadside and he opened the door. The driver got off in order to honor him and I came down to honor him as well. Suddenly I saw that all passengers have gotten off from the mini bus. When I reminisced I remember that I was disabled, so how I’m into this desert. As I wanted to call him, he was disappeared.

Of course I don’t know whether Mr. Husseini is alive now or not? But I want to say him that if this text will reach to him and he reads it, come to me so that I see him; come to show him to people; so that they see what a empty hand of Ahle Beyt (God bless them) can do? This hand is the hand that holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “I’ll extend my hand in hereafter and will take your hands one by one.” This is that hand. We say too that we’ll leave our great sins and won’t insist on small sins. We are known as Shiite and we’ll try to preserve your reputation.



The things which protect mankind from today’s life’s ups and downs and its difficulties and defend him from life’s mistakes and lead him to achieve success and prosperity is the connection ring which he has between himself and Ahl-e-Bayt’s (peace be up on them) holy knowledge. Thus the effort in order to promote knowledge about religious commandments is a significant mission that all activists, religious and cultural literati and Islam’s sympathizer should deeply pay attention to it.

To acquiring this goal the scientific and researching center of Shia’s Darol Erfan related to the unique glorification which has done to religious and cultural programs of Professor Hussein Ansarian has taken action to print a series of books which contain texts of religious speeches. Hoping this series can create a suitable background in society to increase their knowledge and understanding from God’s commandments. 


Refrence: Adopted from a lecture given by professor Hossein Ansarian    










[1] Ensan Chapter, Verse N.8

[2] Ensan Chapter, Verse N.9

source : Professor Ansarian lectures
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