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Imam Ali Naqi (as) and unseen Aids (Ghaibi Madad)

One day one of the flatterer and glib tongued person said to Al-Mutawakkil, the cruel Abbasid Caliph, "Why do you command your court offices to honor Imam Ali Naqi (as), and when he arrives they must raise the curtains and open the doors for him. This itself is against your conduct. Let Imam Ali Naqi (as) come and go like the rest of the people so that he looses his worth in the eyes of people."

Al-Mutawakkil agreed to his demand and ordered his officials not to hold the curtains and open the doors while Imam Ali Naqi (as) comes or leaves.

One day, one of his servants came rushing to him and said: "Imam Ali Naqi (as) is coming and to whichever part of the court he arrives, the doors open and curtains are drawn automatically. This thing attracted the attention of all and if this continues on the superiority and supremacy of Imam Ali Naqi (as) will become clear and evident to all, thus your Caliphate will be endangered.

Al-Mutawakkil at once ordered that the officials must adopt the previous conduct with Imam Ali Naqi (as) and honor him more than ever.

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