Friday 21st of January 2022
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The Infallibles Are Not Tempted by Satan

Should man live in the sanctuary of pure reason, he will be immune from inward and outward Satans:

I will certainly lie in wait for them in thy straight path. (7:16)

Iblis (Satan) who threatens to mislead all human beings with all his power cannot find his way in a person who himself is a straight path, for Sir¡§ which represents the infinite power of Allah is immune from all temptations. For the followers of the spiritual path, the straight path and the wayfarer are the same. Meanwhile, Satan lies in wait in the beginning of the path and not in the middle or in the final stages. Therefore, those who have traversed the major sections of the path by performing their religions obligations and have reached the stage of devotion are immune from temptations:


I will certainly cause them all to deviate, except the servants from among them, the devoted ones. (15:39-40)

source : AHL AL-BAYT THE CELESTIAL BEINGS ON THE EARTH Allameh Hussein Ansariyan
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